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Some Handy Tips for Effective Small Business SEO

Small business and SEO do not often coincide. There is an enormous financial gap between the two, or so the business owners presume. In reality, your business needs to be search engine friendly. No matter where you are located, Bristol or Brisbane, your business needs to reach out to a local crowd who needs to know about the salient features of your products and services.

Sadly, there are no “2-minute SEO guides” you can follow to fame. According to the leading SEO Company in Brisbane, it is an intricate and laborious process. You can make the process a lot easier by getting plugins for your website builder platform, your CMS and your IT teams.

Going to the source

Why not try improving your search engine optimisation by going straight to the source? Small businesses can try a number of the following tools to enhance their SEO –

  • Google Search Console: we think, this is a must for all small businesses. You will get a detailed report on your website data, a library of resources and you can improve your site performance using the same.
  • Google Analytics: if your keywords are driving traffic to your website, you need to know which ones are contributing most. If your site is not experiencing much traffic, you need to know what you can do to improve your site stats.
  • Google AdWords: this is a classic. If you are interested in PPC, you must get an idea about AdWords. It is like the bible for most site owners who are interested in paid traffic. It will help you find the right keywords based on search volume.
  • Google Trends: to stay on top of SRLs, you need to stay on top of all search trends in your niche. While fashion and hairstyle websites will have different trending topics, keywords and more. Tech e-stores will have different keywords that you can find out from Google Trends itself.

A few of the best tools for optimisation 

A few tools do not need any introduction. They are ubiquitous to all recent SEO tool lists. All SEOs and strategists featuring in SEJ, Moz and SEO Round Table recommend the use of these tools.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider tool

The Screaming Frog is a 360-degree tool that will start with fixing all broken links. This means, your 301s, 302s and 404s. You will finally get the hang of what’s making the bots go crazy once they enter your site. The tool will also run its analysis on website page titles, meta descriptions and HTML codes. If you have only 500 URLs, you can use the Screaming Frog SEO spider tool for free.


SEO can be a bane or a boon, depending on how you choose to look at it. Most small businesses can run their SEO without spending a ton of consultancy and IT team framework. You can start with RankSense. It makes sense of all the factors that Google uses to rank your website. That sounds simple, right? Well, that is exactly how simple using RankSense is. This tool optimists hundreds of sites every day for SMBs and startups. This one provides automatic detection of issues with your website. From multiple CTAs to perfect SEO-friendly meta descriptions, you can get the complete package from RankSense.


This is a must if you need help with content. We keep hearing “content is king”, but no one explains how. This website cum tool will help you find out the best performing keywords in the niche. You can start with a search term and then use this service to find related keywords and phrases. Your website SEO is going to take a turn for the better once you try UberSuggest. Their metrics depend on real life search engine queries.

Think local to go global

Once you have your SEO tool list populated, go for local SEO settings. You need to make little adjustments to your regular tools to suit your local needs. Always include the correct NAP in your website, to begin with. Next, add location specific keywords like instead of using “SEO companies” you can add “Brisbane SEO companies” in your website content.

Making your site content or blog location specific is not rocket science. You need the right kind of tools to do the bulk work for you and a little push in the right direction. Read reputable journals on the latest algorithm changes Google is bringing in for local search engine optimization. Google algorithm changes are as unpredictable as London’s weather. You need to stay in touch with your trivia to keep your website in sync with your target audience’s searches.

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