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Happy meal, anyone?

Notwithstanding we’re all in this together, here’s another difference between the corporate/public sector and the SME sector….the formers’ employees seem to be able to take at least the Tuesday and even the Wednesday after a long weekend off. Just to kind of ease their way back into work. So that they’re not overwhelmed! Well, on behalf of the SME  sector; THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY! For those of us that work for a living, its been a long week.


Best of Breed

Do you want to hear a good one? Kind of appropriate for Friday. We were approached by people representing a similar SME initiative to on the other side of the planet. They feel that we (that’s all of us!) represent best of breed in creating real life engagement amongst business people on the web. They wanted to learn from us because their initiative wasn’t doing as well. While they’re talking to us, some representatives from government HERE went talking to them THERE, to get their advice on bring an initiative like theirs – back HERE (where we are!). A prophet in his own land and all that…. You have to laugh don’t you!

Seriously funny

There’s a topic being discussed in the forums that if it wasn’t so serious, it would be funny. Its about setting up a business – while still employed – to compete with your employer.  Somebody has asked (incredulously?):  ‘Am I right in thinking you want to keep your full time employment, draw your salary and at the same time compete with your employer , undercut his prices and take business away from him and you would like help to do so’. Talk about giving it straight. But it’s a fair point that raises all sorts of legal and ethical questions. Such as? How come there’s so many companies that were originally set up by former employees to serve a market poorly served by their former employer? Anything wrong with that? It’s the how and when you do it that really matters, isn’t it?

Start up timing

Here’s another funny one. We put up a range of spreadsheets and templates on the Blog over Easter. You know the usual..cashflow calculators, expenses summaries, investment templates. All to do with start-ups. What’s funny? We’ve never had so many downloads over a 2 week period. What’s even funnier is that they’ve always been in the Start Up Centre and freely available. It just shows: It’s also about timing and location.

Happy meal, anyone?

Any mentor worth his/her salt will ask a basic question of a start up….what’s the route to market? It could be argued that distribution is key to a successful business. Going direct or through third parties is being discussed in a number of threads. An interesting thread is being run by Ron, who’s encouraging a live case study on a business that’s questioning its positioning and wondering if going direct will help it make more money?

Shauna is running a similar thread and is asking for help on various parts of the marketing mix including distribution.

While both threads are to be commended and supported, Shauna is offering a Happy Meal Toy to the contributor that offers most insight.

Ron is Dutch.

Next week. Well the Wiki is going up and we’l be launching an invite a friend competition to get more new blood contributing. We may offer a prize. The happy meal Toy seems to be doing exceedingly well!!!!