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Happy New Year everyone!

Happy New Year everyone. Here’s to a positive 2012. We’ve made a New Years’s resolution. We’re going to try and lay off the politicians and the public servants. Let’s see how long that one lasts. We’ve also resolved to continue trying to make smallbusinesscan even better. Last year was an inspiring one for the site with thousands of businesspeople helping each other out. Its great getting emails from people that have been helped thanking us. However it might be better from now on to post your thanks and indeed testimonials on the site on how you’ve been helped or encouraged by the community. Others can then see and maybe get inspired to look for help or indeed give help with queries that they have experience of.

Ying and yang
Unfortunately where there’s good, there’s also bad. We’ve done a fairly big makeover on the site with all of the existing functionality being upgraded and new functionality such as personal twitter and facebook feeds being introduced. We’ve also simplified the process of joining the site and creating profiles by allowing more integration with members facebook and twitter accounts. All good, but it could be a bit buggy until everything settles down. If you come across a bug or if something is not working, please let us know. We’ve set up a topic for reporting bugs and errors here. Hopefully it wont be a long list.

Keep on Blogging
You know what’s really working well? The Blog. Keep your business stories coming. Remember they can be on any business topic and we will publish them if we feel that visitors to the site benefit from reading them. Don’t forget to put in your own details including links to your site so that we can share traffic. A couple of tips: Keep the blogs short and simple, maybe 500 – 700 words. And write them in a conversational tone. If appropriate, humour works as well. God knows we’re going to need a sense of humour for the year ahead.

And speaking of blogs
Thanks to Ed of for an inspiring post on his reflection of being in business 2 years. We’ve also copied it into the Blog as our first story of 2012. Have a read of it. You’ll be better for it.