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Heard about angel investment?

If you are a small business owner currently considering financing or seeking investment, then you may have heard something about angel investment at the moment.

Not surprisingly in these tough economic times there is a lot more activity around the start-up scene as many people set out on their own to create their own employment. Likewise, smaller and younger businesses look to be more agile and seek alternative funding mechanisms.

Early stages
Angel investment as an investment type, on the island of Ireland, is in the early stages when you compare us to the US, but also to many of our European neighbours, not least Scotland or even France. It’s clear that we need to keep educating, sharing knowledge and building our own expertise in Ireland to grow this form of funding to fuel our economy at the grassroots. 

Angel investment is not a financing route for all business owners or business types.  Typically this investor class look for high growth, high risk/reward opportunities and ultimately will generally seek the return on their investment through the sale of the business. And in broad terms the Angel will spread their bets, with a portfolio of investments. Not for everyone, but maybe it can get us thinking? Where are these opportunities? Can we build new business opportunities that meet these investment desires? 

Angel investors don’t come in one shape or form. Forget the TV stereotypes or the Silicon Valley expectation when you think of the Venture Capitalist. There is no Yellow Pages listing, and for once Googling doesn’t seem to work either.  But the appetite for Angel investment is out there, and I’d say greater than ever before.  We just need to tap into it and bring together the start-ups with the angels, creating dialogue and deals. Enabling growth and stirring ambition.

Syndicated group
One unique form of angel investment is that of the ‘syndicated group’, a category that entails bringing together a group of individual investors to act as one. One such group in Ireland are Bloom Equity who has recently closed a number of investments with Irish start-ups. Like most angel investors, this group is made up of people who not only bring cash to the table, but also critically experience and insight into growing companies ready for international expansion. 

Xcell Partners will be hosting Angel Meetup2012 in Dublin, an event, targeting both Angel Investors and Entrepreneurs. We have gathered a group of speakers from north and south of the island, plus a truly unique international line-up. The event is headlined by internationally renowned angel investor Bill Payne.  Alongside Bill on the panel of speakers are Gavin Duffy, Entrepreneur & Irish Dragon’s Den Presenter; Bill Liao, Entrepreneur & Micro Angel; Danny Moore of Loughshore Investments based in Belfast; Nelson Gray an experienced Scottish investor; and accomplished business leader Leslie Buckley.
The event is calling all entrepreneurs with a pitching competition where 4 budding start-ups will get the chance to receive some one-to-one mentoring from Bill Payne. In addition, we will be hosting a master class workshop for budding angel investors in the afternoon.

The event will be taking place at Startupbootcamp located in Barrow Street, Dublin, a recent initiative which is taking 10 early stage companies through an intensive development programme. To find out more about the event head to

Post by a Small Business Can Contributor