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Holland Are Still In It!

A row has broken out between the members of the Smallbusinesscan team. Only one of the team still has a team in the world cup soccer competition and he feels the site should be painted orange until the final, where they will meet Germany and get beaten (again). He is willing to forgo on the flags.

If they win (Holland that is), he is willing to run a marathon in support of a charity of choice.  An orange Smallbusinesscan website is a pre-condition. He will wear a T-shirt with all the logo’s of the companies that have supported him on this quest.

Are you OK with an orange Smallbusinesscan?

It’s Summertime

As you can read from the above, it is summer time. Things slow down. We take the foot of the pedal, we even start considering whether computer games are good for business.

One of our team members thinks it is. He would! Lend us your views on our forum here.

However, whatever you do to relax over the summer, do spend some time thinking about after the summer. This might help.

Business Achievers Awards

Applying for the Business Achievers Awards might also help clarify your thinking.

The business planning tool might do the same.

Please don’t waste the summer relaxing, enjoying the sun, playing computer games or watching soccer!