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Horror Story

Over this past few weeks I have heard horror stories where a number of my clients have had a melt-down – both in terms of computers and also (almost) mentally.

One client was in the middle of carrying out a Windows update to her laptop when her third party power supply failed.  Disaster struck!  She had lost everything.  She had several files on her hard drives that were important not only to her but also to her clients.

Frantic phone calls in the night

Another client transferred a removable memory card from one device to another which appeared to format the card.  His livelihood came from what was contained on the card.  He made a few frantic phone calls and spent a couple of sleepless nights waiting and hoping that something could be done.

A third client kept all his sales and purchases data on his computer when, due to a NIE power failure in his area, his computer got fried and he lost all of his data – everything.  He had everything he had ever purchased for stock or sold to clients on his database but he couldn’t get access to his reports for VAT, for end-of-year accounts or anything.  Disaster!

In each case the data was retrieved but at a cost.

The moral of the story

The moral of the story is this, create a disaster recovery strategy, implement it and stick to it.

For any members who want to put together a disaster recovery strategy, they can e-mail