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How to Generate Leads Using Twitter

Raise your hand if you don’t want to sell more! Silly thing to say, really. All business owners want to sell more, everyone wants more paying customers and to grow their business further. It all starts with getting leads, getting people to visit your website or give you a call, express that initial interest that you can nurture until those leads decide to part with their hard earned cash to pay for your services or products.

Blowing their own trumpet

Most small business owners know all this, what they don’t know is how to use the social media to generate that initial interest. Take Twitter for example. I see businesses tweeting and re-tweeting various links to articles that no one really reads, blowing their own trumpet in one way or another or just using automated messages to thank their followers for … erm, following.

A study by IBM concluded that every 2 days, we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization to 2003. It simply begs the question: “How much of that is really useful information?”. As a small business owner, you should think whether generating information for the sake of information is really working for your business. It’s perhaps time to put your limited resources to better use and generate a better return on your time investment.

So what’s the solution then? Should you stop using Twitter? Not at all.You should instead change the way you use Twitter. Stop talking and start listening. Engage with your target audience, be helpful, share your knowledge. That will build trust, raise your profile in a “not in your face” way and ultimately people will become interested in what you sell.

How to generate leads using Twitter

A more targeted approach is to answer questions when people ask questions about your own industry and when you have a product or a service that solves their particular problem. For instance, every day I see many people asking questions about my own industry, something like “can anyone recommend a good CRM?”. I take that as an opportunity to introduce myself, my product and ask them, politely, to have a look at it and decide for themselves whether it’s the CRM for them. We do have an easy demo on our page to make that assessment as hassle free as possible.

Think about what questions people might ask on Twitter about your own industry, about the problems that you solve with your products or services. Use Twitter search feature to find these questions and start engaging these people. If you are polite, helpful and have good solutions to their problems, these leads will eventually turn into paying customers and your small business will benefit from it.

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  1. Urban Renstrom April 10, 2013 at 11:11 am #


    Helpful and thought provoking article as those people unconverted to Social Media often view the channels in the past paradigm of push marketing. Here is a captive audience, therefore, I must push my sales message, an ad, via the channel, like TV, Radio, or newspaper.

    As you clearly suggest the social channels are best utilized when you listen. It is simply amazing the amount of people that are telling us, marketeers and business, what their problems are: How do I..What is the best…Where do I…,etc.

    InboxQ, NeedTagger are two Twitter listening tools I have used, both are installable apps in HootSuit (not affiliate like nor endorsement)

    Thank again

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