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How To Plan An Effective Business Conference

The speakers are one of the most important parts of any conference. Their talks should cover interesting topics and should be delivered in a way that is both memorable and engaging. Ultimately, the goal should be to provide content that sticks with conference attendees long after the event is over.

Try to actively engage participants. Interacting with others and taking part in activities is one of the best ways for people to learn. Not only that but actively participating is usually a lot more fun and exciting than passively listening to speeches.

When choosing speakers, try to look for a good balance of topics. Don’t be afraid to present conflicting viewpoints or to bring in speakers who have controversial ideas or opinions. Presenting multiple perspectives can help create a more well-rounded conference and can make listening to the speakers a lot more interesting. People should leave the conference with a lot of new ideas and information rather than just hearing the same rehashed concepts over and over again.

Use a great venue that will impress the participants and the attendees alike. You want to have a venue that stands out and impresses – if you are in the UK the check out the options at Life’s Kitchen.

Handing out goodies to participants can make the event a lot more fun. Fill bags with promotional items like bumper stickers, pins, coffee mugs, or baseball caps. In many cases, you can get these items donated by vendors who are selling their wares at your conference or event. Don’t hesitate to ask them if they would be willing to contribute.

Ideally, you want participants to come back for future conferences. Because of that, it is important to pay attention to people who are attending one of your conferences for the first time. Make sure they know they are welcome by greeting them warmly. Additionally, consider finding a way to introduce first-time attendees to one another so that they can begin networking.

Make it easy for people to find their way around by posting signs that offer clear directions. Additionally, you should hand out maps of the space. The combination of maps and signs should help people find where they need to go quickly and easily.

Connectivity is essential at conferences and events. You need to make sure that the Wi-Fi signal at the venue where the conference is being held is extremely strong and reliable. Make it as easy as possible for people to connect by posting the password for Wi-Fi access prominently.

Use Technology To Your Advantage

Technology can make managing a conference a lot easier. For instance, you could allow people to check in with their phones when they arrive at the venue. You can even give them directions through their phones by using certain apps. Instead of handing out traditional name tags, consider smart name badges. Although these are more costly than traditional name tags, they provide the following benefits:

  • They can help people attending your conference keep track of which booths they have visited.
  • They make it easy for people to take surveys.
  • They grant entrance to the event.
  • They allow attendees to submit payments through payment processing services such as PayPal.
  • They make it easier for people to network by allowing them to share their business cards digitally.

Connect With Social Media

Social media can be a great addition to your conference. Choose a hashtag for your conference that is easy for attendees to remember. That way, all of the posts about your conference can be easily found by anyone who is attending. You may also want to generate interest about your event by designing a contest that centers around the use of a particular hashtag.

Planning a conference is no easy task. The key is to try to make it as entertaining and informative as possible for the people who are attending. There are a lot of ways that you can encourage people to interact and to take part in the process, helping to ensure that your conference will be a success.

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