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How To Stay In Business For 100 Years

Find below lessons on how to stay in business for over a 100 years (based on research in to companies with over a century of dividend). It shows the importance of culture as an absolute overarching factor, above strategy.

The common denominator in the companies was a focus on values (not product or service) and people (not capital and technology).

  1. Keep your organisation flat and seek direct contact with front line staff
  2. Use the collective wisdom of your staff and your customers
  3. Give everybody a piece of the action
  4. Emerge managers in all aspects of the business
  5. Constantly focus and communicate the values of the company
  6. Keep debt low
  7. Visit clients when you are not selling
  8. All senior managers visit and talk to customers
  9. Sales people report the anecdotes, stories and the unexpected
  10. Define what you will NOT do
  11. Act as a steward


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