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How valuable are business networking events?

Fusion Accounts, which have copped on to how this site works and are working it, share experience of networking at a recent Regus event in Belfast. As well as being a worthwhile insight into networking, the blog is worth it for the one liner ‘businesses can survive without profit but they can’t survive without cash.’

Yesterday evening we attended a local business networking event in Belfast which was organised by Regus in their city centre location.


Regus provide serviced office space, virtual offices and meeting rooms in business centres across the UK and worldwide.  To summarise they have over 1,000 business centres in 400 cities and 70 countries around the world.

All businesses who attended the networking event received a FREE businessworld gold global membership which provides unlimited access to drop-in business lounges and cafes at all locations worldwide, complimentary internet access and refreshments on every visit, plus a 10% discount on Regus meeting rooms and day offices. So this was a good start for all who attended.

The event commenced with a welcome drinks reception and canapés and a chance to network. Following this there were a few guest speakers who spoke on a variety of  issues affecting today’s businesses and it closed with networking sessions.

Surviving without profit

One subject that cropped up on a few occasions was ‘cash flow’.  One of the guest speakers who happened to be an accountant highlighted to those in attendance that for a period of time businesses can survive without profit but they can’t survive without cash.  As an accountancy practice they review some of their clients cash flow on a weekly basis and encourage businesses to take more control over this.

The networking event proved successful for Fusion Accounts as we spoke to quite a few businesses who were struggling with the lack of flexibility that desktop accounting software provides.  The benefits of being able to access their data anytime and from any location with Fusion Accounts is just have they needed. 

More proactive advice

It also reinforced the guest speakers comment in that businesses should retain close contact with their financial advisors.  Again with Fusion’s online accounting software, businesses can grant their accountant and bookkeeper real-time access to their data and enjoy more proactive advice as a result.

During the night there was also a prize draw which was entered by dropping business cards into a bowl.

Luckily for Fusion Accounts we won a free meeting room with Regus for up to 6 people at any location worldwide.  All we have to decide on now is which of our partners we want to meet with in the coming weeks.  Do we go to Uganda, India, the choice is endless.

So to summarise on the topic of this blog, ‘yes’ this networking event proved valuable to us.

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