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Hows your Social Responsibility Marketing Going?

Hows your social responsibility marketing going and is it helping you tap into new customers who are keen to see that your company is doing something for people in the community less fortunate than others?

Take for example people with disabilities, where in Ireland approximately 300,000 people with disabilities are unemployed, and the current approach to reducing this figure is not working. Wouldnt it be great if there was a dynamic organisation that you could work with and gain the benefits of a whole new community of people, and get your social responsibility marketing strategy underway.


Our Video

Have a cuppa and spend three minutes watching the video on our website (about two thirds down on the home page under ‘6 month celebration) What are we celebrating? Oh, its a little party we are having to celebrate our six month anniversary since we opened the first bar in the world where people with disabilities are the bar staff. Apologies in advance for extensive levels of innovation and dynamic marketing techniques, coming from a bean counter, its a little hard to accept at first !!!