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IBM’s Global Location Trend Report Highlights Ireland’s Fighting Spirit

Every day when we turn on the television we hear the media buzzing about how our economy is doomed with headlines highlighting a debt crisis, or drastic rise in unemployment rate and so on. Times are difficult, but Ireland is proving she’s a force to be reckoned with. Day by day we see our community’s innovation, enterprise and excitement for the future. Whether it’s the young entrepreneurs shinning a light in troubled times or the never-quitting spirit of the SME community, Ireland stands fighting. To back up this claim, the results from IBM’s 2011 Global Location Trend Report highlight a positive Ireland.

#1 for quality and value

The report ranks Ireland as the #1 destination in the world by quality and value of investment. The report also places Ireland as one of the top destinations globally for jobs by inward investment per capita. IBM’s trend report also notes the success of foreign direct investment in Ireland over the past year.

Ireland receives the position as a top destination for value and investments because of its global measures on productivity, knowledge intensity and occupational profile composition. This is represented by wages and skills, as well as the exceptionally strong contribution that foreign direct investment makes towards Ireland’s economic development.

Ireland leads the pact in the investment industry followed by South Korea, Taiwan, Austria, Switzerland and Singapore. IBM’s report also underlines Irelands move to higher-value investment types, particularly a strong performance in high-value sectors and business activities, such as research & development in life sciences and high-end electronics.

Inward investment

Ireland has been on an upward trend for attracting significant inward investment since 2010. It remains as one of the top-performing countries by inward investment jobs per capita. Compared to last year, Ireland saw a growth of almost 30% in both the quantity of investments and jobs created from foreign investment.

This is much higher than the global trend. It is due to Ireland’s structural competencies, such as a favourable business environment, skills availability, and track record of structure strengths that IBM has deemed them an attractive investment location.

The report also highlights Dublin as 17th top destinations globally in cities by number of investments. Among the world’s top 25 destination cities, 7 are located in Asia, 12 are from Europe, 3 are from North America, 1 is from Latin America, 1 is from the Middle East and 1 from Oceania.

Ireland has a well-known reputation as a leader in FDI locations and this reputation has been supported by investments from world-leading companies such as: Coca Cola, IBM, Intel, Google, EA, Facebook, Amgen, Quest,Analog, Allianz and D&B.

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