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If I don’t love myself, who will?

This post is not a vanity project. We’re getting some good peer reviews for the site! Have a look at them. If you have something good to say about your experiences with smallbusinesscan or the Business Live events, post them on this thread. It’s to encourage others to use the site and get involved by asking questions and sharing insights.

Speaking of Business Live. Here’s the line up for the various shows around the country next month. These are a great opportunity to learn about how others have found new markets abroad – BUSINESSES JUST LIKE YOURS.  They’re free and in the evening to suit people. Have a look here to see video, audio and pictures of one of last years events in Belfast. Just click on the links below to sign up. Here’s a tip you wont hear anywhere else: If you are planning to launch in new markets, come along AND bring your spouse. The support of family makes the adventure much more doable because to do it right you will be spending a lot of time away from home and the partnership at home will be vital!


Business Live Locations
2nd February Verbal Arts Centre L’Derry
6th February The Strand Hotel Limerick
7th February Clayton Hotel Galway
8th February The Model School Art Gallery Sligo
20th February Cork BIC Cork
21st February Waterford Crystal Visitors Centre Waterford
22nd February Stillorgan Hotel Dublin
5th March Burnavon Arts Centre Cookstown

New Website
As you might have noticed, we’ve revamped the website. We started before Christmas, but we’re getting there. Dear God, it’s after turning into a big site. It’ll be bigger when we put in the Knowledge Centre. Over the next week we’ll have tools, templates and articles under Money, Marketing, Management and Motivation for the different stages of growth. Remember last year we said we were going to put all of this into a Wiki…who’s stupid idea was that. We’re putting it back in front and centre on the main site.

If you have anything – shareholder agreement templates, reseller agreements, cashflow calculators, press lists, lists of useful websites, informative videos – that might benefit another business person please send them to

Keep on Blogging
And keep the blogs coming. We all have a story, we all have insights and experiences to share. It’s the collective wisdom of thousands that makes this place work as such a valuable resource. So please keep on sharing and if you have something useful to say we will post it and publicise it.

Here’s a good example. This is a very good blog on Tips for building a website. Thanks Sue Palmer, Wish we read it before we started our latest upgrade!

Here’s another good one if you’re into business and motivational books. Its called Kickstarting Life, Kick up the arse. The name says it all really.

And keep asking questions
If you have any business questions or challenges, please post them in the forums. There’s a generous community of businesspeople  on the site who are willing to help. We’re all in this together. We’ll get out of it together!