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Impact Not Intention… Use Your EQ!

As you all know, in a previous life, I was an HR professional – and as a result, the importance of individual and collective capability, in business is something I feel strongly about.  During my time in the HR world, I trained [yes, many didn’t know it was possible] in Emotional Intelligence, or EQi.

What is EQ?! 

For those of you not entirely acquainted with the notion of Emotional Intelligence, put simply, it’s an approach focused on understanding, more completely, ones own emotions and those of the people we come in contact with.  In my own experience, it helps organisations run more efficiently and also allows those in managerial or leadership positions conduct and manage their business relationships, and organisations in a more fluid and straightforward manner.

So, what am I on about EQ for? Well – because I am continually amazed by the seeming lack of it in business – and business relationships.  Sure, we all find ourselves ‘stretched’ at times, and there is often a point at which, in stressful situations, we may find it difficult to self-regulate. HOWEVER, do we think of our reactions in terms of how they might impact us, or potentially, those we work with? Not always.

Being versus doing…

Another one of my pet subjects is mindfulness, and it sits, very nicely, alongside EQ.  Adopting a stance of being in business as opposed to doing business provides a focus which can undoubtedly add great value to ones working life, as well as fueling more centred, EQ-friendly business relationships with colleagues, staff and clients.

Dovetailing with this blog posts’ title – impact not intention… in adopting a more mindful approach to being in business, you’re facilitating yourself to think about the impact of the way you behave, communicate and deal with others.


Think back over your recent interactions – any specific one you wish had gone better or more smoothly? A client or customer who you wish had given you a different answer? Staff or colleagues who really ‘wound you up’? If you could rewind and change how it played out, would you?

Change your direction and remember: impact not intention.

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2 Responses to Impact Not Intention… Use Your EQ!

  1. The Avoca June 27, 2012 at 3:27 pm #

    I wish more people were tuned in to EQ it is so very important. I have trained in EQ in London & Dublin, it is so powerful and can be developed

  2. Debi Harper August 11, 2012 at 1:25 pm #

    Love this post Olwen

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