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It’s Time to Stop the Blame Game

A man walks down a long corridor, the secretary sitting in at the table just before the fine oak doors gives the man a sultry stare. She nods in his direction and says ‘They are all in their already’. He takes a moment to compose himself, fixes his tie, inhales and pushes through the door.

He doesn’t look up as he moves quickly to his seat. Hoping to slink into the meeting as if nothing had happened. Before he gets a chance to pull out his seat, a stern looking lady at the head of the table turns to him and asks ‘Well is it sorted out?’. He shuffles with his papers, because he knows the answer. You don’t tell Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of Britain, that you simply haven’t a clue.

‘There are many problems right now and they are all complicated ma’am.’

‘Well why don’t you stop bringing me problems, and start bringing me solutions.’ She replies rhetorically.

In many ways that is where we are right now in Ireland. Problem after problem shows it’s head.

Rates for small business that go unchanged by government. Rents that continue to choke businesses across the country. Red Tape that continues to be complicated and costly. When SMEs ask the question of government what we seem to get is ‘Well these are the problems left by the last government’. Well believe it or not we know the problems left by the last government, we’re living through them right now and I suspect so will my children. What we need is not a shrug of the shoulders but solutions to our problems. It’s time to stop the blame game.

Start Listening

If you take the time to talk to any business owner. It would take them 30 seconds to tell you where the problems are in their business. It is not a great deal of time to take to listen to where they believe solutions can come from. So start listening.

We voted in this current government because we felt that they were our solution to the problems which had engulfed this nation. Now it is time to become the solution we all hoped they would be. Time is of the essence and many businesses can no longer afford to wait another six months or a year for new legislation to help them. Now is the time to move forward and work with small business to provide a platform that can bring this country back from the brink.

Time to stop talking problems, it’s time to start talking solutions.

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