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Join the big debate to accumulate easy cash

It has been over a year since we launched I could bore you with the statistics, which are very impressive, but instead, I will give you an idea of what our members have done for each other without the help of experts, gurus or government.

New businesses have been launched and introduced on the site. Some companies have found investors. Start-ups have found more seasoned business people to review their business plans. Other members have established trade contacts from as far afield as Japan.

Advice and feedback

Some of our own members’ own websites have undergone significant improvement as a result of the advice and feedback they have received from other Smallbusinesscan users.

The site has threads, insights, videos and articles on an incredible range of subjects from PR, search engine optimisation, selling, HR, getting paid, CRO, finance and dealing with banks, right through to marketing, IP, pitching and social media. Deals have been done and contacts have been made.


Frustrations have been vented mainly about banks and politicians, but also about the negativity of the Irish media in the downturn, sales people, marketers, tech transfer, PR consultants and accountants  but all have ended on a positive, constructive note.

That is really the point of – to be positive and constructive. It is about getting on with it and helping each other with the issues we, as business people, face every day.

To celebrate a year of sharing the learning on Smallbusinesscan, the person with the best post this month be it a question, tip, answer, insight, article, video or story will get an iPad.

We are particularly interested in posts that are about starting a new business.

Rather then trying to reinvent the wheel, why don’t you ask for advice from other business people who have been there and bought the t-shirt?

Join an anti-doom and gloom community of positive business people and share your story.