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Lessons from SEO

We wanted to illustrate how powerful the learning is when people who have been there, chip in and help out other business people. Search Engine Optimisation is a very popular subject on Smallbusinesscan. Here is the learning from contributors on one small thread with the question; does anyone have any good recommendations for an SEO company?

The responses:

  • Be clear about your SEO goals
  • Know what key words you are targeting
  • Type in “SEO Ireland” into Google and the organic results will tell who can walk the walk
  • If the company does not appear in the top of the search engine result page they just talk the talk
  • SEO is on ongoing project not an one time fix
  • Individual consultants can be very good and are cheaper
  • Look and ask for testimonials
  • Only pay for results
  • Top ranked SEO companies are not better, they are just bigger
  • It is a wild west out there
  • Don’t sign long fixed term contracts with SEO companies, but have a rolling one

Post by Ron Immink of