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Let Success Happen

Nobody starts out in life with the sole objective of making themselves one hell of a fuck up but for many the repeat and recurring theme of disaster seems inevitable. The only thing that’s inevitable is our willingness to take full possession of a theme we call life as we repeat the same mistakes. The mistakes are not inevitable but our willingness as human beings to take possession of them is.

Find the willingness to take ownership of your success with the same enthusiasm you have given your mistakes and watch, as the small steps of success become giant leaps to personal freedom, endorsed by the truth of what you are.


World of opportunity

An empire of insanity with problem heaped upon problem can become a world of opportunity. The only thing needed is a willingness to accept that there is always an opportunity to change the way in which you live, beginning with the knowledge that change starts with a small shift from within. See it first within your self and then the world will witness the greatness of your true potential whereby you are no longer held hostage to a seemingly endless fate of a sad and lost life.

Every answer is within your self, waiting to be found. In a world of loss or failure or falseness sometimes it’s very hard to recognise the real question. Although we can ask many, it’s sometimes difficult to establish what we deem to be reality. It is important to teach ourselves to evaluate and to try and establish what the question necessitates and where we are at that given time. All of this is fueled by the perception of what we are and where we are, losing sight on occasion of what we can be.

Finding success

Always remember that success will meet you half way along the road as you tap in to finding it yourself. This is the criterion of what success is in no uncertain terms and in no uncertain way. If you appreciate that the swing between success and failure, between abundance and lack, is so little that if you just slightly move your direction, move the focus of your thinking and the direction of what you truly are and what you truly want, the rest will happen. It will happen because now your perspective has changed, your perception has changed and most importantly the willingness to perceive yourself as whole and compete has started to happen.

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