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Letters from the Coal Face: Juggling worms is fun!

It’s the usual story of juggling. I have so many urgent priorities at this stage they just squirm around in an ever-changing tangle till something worms it’s way to the top and I do that. It’s not event reactive! More a case of changing contexts.

So, the most urgent task is to get on with the website. Every week longer is another week I can’t sell it and another week more before I can hope for a revenue stream. It’s infuriating! Because it also means I also have to take any work that is offered to keep me going, which is also more attrition on my time and energy. Though to be honest it’s like a break by comparison to the general stress of ‘at-the-end-of-the-project-start-up-stage’. I also need to get on with PR, and to set up some meetings with some useful leads.

Then they come in, two potentially very useful grant awards to apply for. Both with deadlines in the next 10 days. Why??? Why now…But whining, while fun, won’t help. I have however taking to asking the administrators of these things if I am wasting my time if I apply – I have none to waste – it’s just easier to know if I am just not in the right category. Saves everybody useless effort. But these two look hopeful. Serious funding on offer too.

So I will fire in an application for these anyway. I have last years failed applications (huh!) with some of the grunt work covered, so here goes.

And what was that little wormy tail I just saw disappearing into the quagmire? Ah yes, the website…

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