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looking for a steer…moo?

While many of you have copped on to using the new search facility to find information on questions and topics, we still want subjects debated and discussed. So here’s some recent threads where members are looking for a steer.

Setting up an online computer store
Brian at Deycom Computer Services is wondering where you all buy your computer equipment. Under the heading ‘setting up an online computer store’ he’s also asking for some insights on the best way to promote such a store. Bryan has been very generous with his time helping others on the site, so if you can contribute and help Bryan out please do.
Contribute to this discussion here.

Help with websites
Still on the internet theme, another great contributor on the site, Shauna (in fact Shauna is one of the greatest!!!), is looking for suggestions on how she might be able to manage a number of websites that she owns. Shauna wants her sites on a VPS that she has control over so that she can add websites and make changes.
If you can help, contribute here.

Here’s a similar problem. Niall has a ecommerce site with its own CMS system. He’s looking to see if anyone can recommend a good website developer who might be interested in managing updates on this platform.
Any advice for Niall? Pile in here.

Still with Niall. He’s also looking for help with SEO and advice, tips and insights on how he should buy this service. While we have loads on the site on this topic, there’s no harm in starting another discussion on the black art of search engine optimisation.
Join the discussion here.

Accountants and solicitors wanted
Speaking about the darker arts, here’s two appeals for help and insight. Janet is a book-keeper but considering becoming an accountant. Janet wants to know what we think (Yikes). As business owners do we feel that we need book-keepers or would we prefer to go with accountants. There’s a sub-text in the thread that suggests maybe Janet just needs help marketing her services.
Talk to Janet here.

The MathsTutor is getting ready to launch but needs help with its new site’s terms and conditions. It needs a legal wizard to help with T&Cs, privacy policy, legal disclaimer for a subscription based eLearning site.
If you can help or know of someone that can, here’s where you can post.

Still on the legals, here’s a problem that has cropped up a few times on the site. It’s about senior staff leaving a business and going to a competitor. (We’re still trying to get rid of the half-wit on our board!). Moni is having this problem and wonders if there’s anything she can do to mitigate?
Any insights on this topic?

Insurance help
We’re still looking for help for CJ. Any insights on public liability insurance? What kinds of companies should have it? How much should it cost? Where’s the best places to buy it? (We’re also looking for blogs on insurance if anyone’s interested in contributing).
Any insights on this topic please post here.

Have you registered for the L’Derry Business Live Event tomorrow night?
L’Derry tomorrow night. Limerick, Galway and Sligo next week. They’re all about finding new markets abroad, meeting people that have done it and finding help so that you can do it.
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And while you’re at it!
If you’re interested in finding out more about doing business in SE Asia, here’s a pretty big event that you should consider attending in Belfast on Feb 10th.
Find out more on doing business in China, Malaysia, India and Singapore

And here’s one in Croke Park, Dublin on Feb 13th that’s dedicated to finding new markets in China and India.
To Find out more and register for this free event go here.