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Mini-Musing… Stay On-Target

Sounds straightforward, doesn’t it? Staying on-target. What does it mean to you? Keeping to budgets? Delivering on projects? Sticking to your business plan? Keeping the client relationship sweet?

Actually, it’s all of these things and more. Staying on-target means keeping your business’s trajectory to the front of your mind, and to the front of those at the centre of decision-making and leadership in your business. Losing sight of how your business is progressing can be catastrophic.

Many casualties are resultant from visionary ‘slides’ which normally occur when a business is functioning successfully… the time during which it is felt that no time or energy is required in the direction of reviewing or adjusting the business model.

Be complacent at your peril, folks – if you don’t keep your eye firmly on-target – you may well find yourself at a loss to your competition, or sorrowfully bemoaning the loss of client contracts..

Post by Olwen Dawe,