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MOTIVATION: “I hope you don’t give up. It is part of the job of an entrepreneur to find money. That is part of the deal. You are always looking for money. Get over it!!! As Maxi Priest says … You don’t need eyes to see, you need vision…”
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As you start to put the management team together, use a ‘responsibility chart’ to help create clarity around ‘roles’ and ‘participation’ for the team involved in the decisions to be made. Across the top of the chart is the decision description. Underneath this and across the page are the management team positions – CEO, Operations, Marketing, Finance, IT, etc. Down the left hand vertical column are the ‘participation’ roles – Approve, Responsible, Implement, Consult and Inform. Tick the box’s for clear decision making and execution!

Download the template ‘responsibility chart’ from Templates

The best sales process is the customers willing buying process, comprising eight stages- 1) I am important and want to be respected. 2) You must first earn my trust. 3) You must consider my needs. 4) How will your solutions help me (the benefits)? 5) What are the facts? 6) What are the snags? 7) What do I have to do? 8) I agree/disagree.

Read the article on how to implement the eight stages at

Follow the 10-20-30 rule in pitching to investors and prospective funders: 10 slide presentation; 20 minutes duration and 30 point size font on screen.

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