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Moving into the Clouds

Irish IT consultancy is spearheading a campaign to get SMEs to experience the benefits of Cloud Computing

E-MIT Solutions today called on the SME sector to explore the possibilities that come with moving their IT applications into Cloud Computing.

The buzzword

Said Eamon Moore Managing Director of E-MIT Solutions: “The “Cloud” is the buzzword in IT at the moment, but we want small and medium sized enterprises to really understand what the Cloud is all about. We want them to understand that in the future, businesses will have as little IT infrastructure on-site as possible, and that this will lead to a much more cost effective approach to business technology.”

“Moving into the Cloud” is another way of saying that companies will be able to use and pay for their software applications and data storage as a service over the web, without the need to have (or pay for) proprietary software or servers. And E-MIT Solutions has extended its partnership with Google to provide Google Apps, which is a way for companies to start moving certain applications, such as e-mail, into the Cloud

According to Eamon Moore, this is a direction in which all businesses need to be moving, as much for technological reasons as it is for financial reasons – because cloud applications are not only more cost effective, they are also more advanced and entirely scalable.

Just a click of a switch

Said Eamon Moore:“The old-fashioned way of deploying IT involves a business typically purchasing a server and installation services from an IT company. In time you will have to scale up and with that comes additional costs. But with Cloud based solutions like Google Apps, additional users or services it’s just a click of a switch, with a small increase in operational costs rather than a large capital outlay. This is what the Cloud is all about – reducing costs and future proofing.”

As with any new technology, there are always going to be fears about security and reliability, but Eamon Moore is keen to reassure users that data is even more secure in the Cloud than it is in a server, because Cloud providers store all data in safe locations with multiple layers of security – unlike many offices.

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