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The Multi-Channel Approach in Social Media

A lot of Irish organisations are known for their presence on social media, and have begun to pave the way for companies using tools such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, along with many others, to speak to their customers in a way that no one else has tapped into.

On achieving over 1,000 followers on Twitter this week, E-MIT Solutions are becoming more socially aware that the presence of our brand speaks more across the digital world. Clients feel more comfortable with a brand that they can find evidence of online, and that has a consistent presence with their followers.

The Power of Social Media

It is becoming very clear that international companies are seeing the potential in the way Irish organisations market themselves and associate themselves with their customers. As we see large international organisations move across the Atlantic, we see the potential for growth and securing new relationships with businesses that we previously would not have had access to. This is an amazing time to be involved in the business world as we see constant changes and elements evolving. Social media has been roaring from the mountain tops and is finally being listened to. Business 2 Community released statistics showing that “40% of B2B buyers say LinkedIn is important when researching technologies and purchases” and “19% say the same of Twitter”.

As people progressively become more social media savvy, with that comes the multitude of platforms potential clients can be found on. From Facebook to Reddit, people are active, meaning companies must be active. B2B digital marketing’s most popular platform is LinkedIn, the place where you can find a virtual representation of your CV and the people you have connected with through networking, education and achievements over the years. Considering LinkedIn’s advanced tools in lead generation are quickly becoming invaluable tools, B2B companies have the capacity to seamlessly reach out to clients trying to avail of their services.

Multi Channel Social Media

However, the market cannot always be found on any one platform. Think about how many choices you are faced with on a daily basis from what you want to purchase, to where you’re going to purchase it. Your potential clients are faced with the same choices. Your active market moves from channel to channel day in day out and it becomes increasingly more difficult to track their whereabouts. Today, in order to reach potential clients, businesses must adapt to the multi channel approach. Being everywhere at once. The continuous growth of social media tools is birthing the ease of this undertaking; to be available across all platforms.

It is quickly becoming imperative that businesses are accessible across all channels in order to design an effective marketing strategy. When prospective clients find evidence of a business everywhere they go, it develops a stronger brand awareness for that client and suddenly they creates an instant recognition with your company because they have witnessed your online activity in all their digital travels.

Multi channel adaptation also involves the integration of a strong offline presence. The ability to be present in the media be it newspapers, business journals or by sponsoring your local sports team. Reach your customers with relevant, useful information that compliments your services and/or products and ensure your platforms are cohesive across the board.

Ultimately, the end goal is not only to be existent on multiple channels but to connect your channels and harmonise them in accordance to who you are as a brand. Inform, influence, engage.

Rachel Kenny is Marketing Executive of E-MIT Solutions, an Irish IT solutions company specialising in IT Consultancy, Cloud Computing, IT Security & IT infrastructure solutions.

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