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Naming and shaming, sharing and caring

There seems to be a whiff of optimism in the air, a little hint that somehow progress is being made….Oh wait…its because the politicians, half the public service and the drama queen commentators are still on holidays isn’t it? They take July and August off? Maybe they should stay away for a while? Its great that the rest of us are just getting on with it, without interference, without someone trying to take credit when things go right, to blame when things go wrong…and as for those commentators that have built brands telling us all how rubbish we are….Well! It’s a shame that they’ll be infesting our airwaves again in a couple of weeks.


This bit’s on naming

Here’s some commentary that we could do with a lot more of. Is there a whiff of handbags at 10 paces and may the best man win in the ongoing debate on brand between Alan of Boom interactive and Gerry of Eplixo? You couldn’t buy this learning! If you have any views on brand, positioning, naming or even the balance between a ‘considered and methodical approach’ or ‘just getting on with it’ (which might be a subtext in this thread) get stuck in. Don’t worry about getting caught in the crossfire, they’re only firing opinions and the results of years of experience; in fact, you’ll probably want to get hit!

Just to give you an idea of the calibre of these guys. Take at look at some of Alan’s contributions here. He’s sharing learning, experiences and practical insights on branding, marketing, website design, app development. Here’s a blog Gerry did for us on how he build a global brand for Alltracel Pharmaceuticals from Sallynoggin….Not Silicon Valley. Here’s another he did on brand. And here’s a free app, his latest company Eplixo, built for SBC members!

We challenge you to tell us of a business course or mentoring programme with the calibre of these guys and the insights that they are sharing here for all of us. And they’re only two of many on SBC.

Here’s a bit of sharing

Speaking of sharing. Contributor, Kieran Hanrahan, TKNLGY Services, has written a free guide to using Twitter for business .  

If you want to experience Twitter for Business in action , follow smallbusinesscan @Smallbc, add your link to the Facebook and twitter thread and join the group SMECommunity.

Darragh of is looking for help on writing a press release. On this thread is a free list of journalists and a free guide to generating PR as well as dozens of contributions from members.

And this is what we need to care about!

For many its back to school on Monday. Probably also the ‘refocus’ on the business year ahead for many of us. We’ve a lot of work to do to get our businesses up and running and thriving. We’ve a whole generation that are going to school now that we have to unburden. And it’s the SME’s…not the politicians, not the public service, not even the big corporates and certainly not the commentators that will have to provide the lead in new wealth generation.

PS: SBC has also been named and shamed….

We’ve been asked on Twitter to get the finger out — the words used on Twitter – a very direct medium — and get the export group out of beta. Message understood. It might still be a bit buggy when we go live but we appreciate that it’s too valuable a resource not to get out there ASAP. …. We’re compromising between the ‘methodical’ and the ‘just get it done’ approaches. In the meantime people that are interested in exporting should join the group HERE and NOW with their Facebook or linked in details. Two current topics at the moment are doing business in Russia and doing business in the USA. So if you’ve experience of these markets, please contribute.

Last but not least

throw up a few jokes on the site tomorrow. Give us all a bit of a laugh before reality kicks in on Monday!