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Need – Feature – Benefit Development Tool

Target the right benefit message to address the most important (to the customer) needs

  1. Start in Column A, by writing down the key customer needs / values in your market category. List them in ranking order of importance to the customer – from 1 (highest) to 10 (lowest).
  2. Now in Column B, list all of the key features of your product- starting with those features that directly address those customer needs/ values directly ( listed in 1 above) and leaving other features that don’t match customer values to latter part of the listing.
  3. In Column C , for each feature that directly addresses a key customer need, write ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the question – “ Is the feature a superior, sustainable differentiation to the competitions offer to the customer?”
  4. In Column D, for each feature that directly addresses a key customer need and that has a ‘yes’ for superior/sustainable/differentiation – write down the benefit the customer derives and gets ( what does it ‘give them’ / how does it make them ‘feel’)
Key Customer Needs Product Features Superior, Sustainable Differentiation Customer Benefits
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