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Last week we were inspired by the era of new politics in Britain. This week NEW POLITICS has inspired us again. Click on the links…God only knows where you could end up!

N is for New Leader

We wish the RIs new Taoiseach well. And 13 is an unlucky number only if you’re superstitious!

E is for Enterprise

Remember Mr Kenny, its businesses that makes the new jobs and creates the wealth…

W is Watch your back (or WB Yeats for the cultured)…

….There’s still lots of ‘grubby hands in the greasy till’.


That’s the look the judge got from Meath County Council when he ordered it to pay over €4m to a developer for amongst other things, incompetence.

P is for let’s be more Positive

‘The message to the international community is that they should expect Ireland to be the comeback economy of Europe. The message to Irish companies is that now is the time to dream big dreams. There is no reason whatsoever for them to limit their ambitions.’ The Head of Enterprise Ireland.

O is if Opportunistic

Tourism Ireland has one of the best and most visited tourism facebook pages in the world as it takes a market leading position to exploit the opportunities offered by social mediag.  If you extrapolate all of the visitors to its pages and multiply by 6 degrees of separation, then we actually have 32 million virtual tourists visiting….wow!…..(what is it the Pope said about facebook tourists?)

L is for Life as they know it

Hopefully all those serving the public will have to justify their existence….beyond the spin!

I is for putting the boot In

HR consultants will tell you that when you’re implementing a downsizing programme  you should put the boot in early, go in hard and cut deep. Or is that Rugby coaches? Whatever. But its good advice for the new PM. 99 Days to go…..

T is for The funding gap

JBarratt (of dealing with gombeens fame) asks if there’s any ways for people in Ireland to invest tax efficiently in Irish SME’s? And he puts an innovative suggestion out there to be challenged.

I is for lack of Interconnectedness

Olwen Dawe of Irish Business intelligence  wonders whether the State support mechanisms are getting their messaging right: ‘‘…without a doubt there is lack of interconnectedness in the approach of the various organisations … 2011 and a new government provides great opportunity to really leverage the agenda for small business – after all, they will be huge contributors to Ireland’s recovery’.

C is for manufacturing is still Cool

‘….the nature of NI’s manufacturing successes may have changed since the heady days of ship building and rope making, it is clear that the sector is not necessarily in decline. In food and drink and pharmaceuticals, as well as other sub‐sectors, NI’s proud tradition of manufacturing excellence can certainly live on.’

S if for See….

…told you we could hammer these square blocks into those round holes! (Are we talking about coalition government?)…Oh yeah, and we’re still looking for guest bloggers/writers…you can see why!