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As last year drew to a close, the digital content and technology industry reflected on 2010 and also looked towards the New Year, which prompted the annual end-of-year statements, surveys, trend-spotting and forecasting for 2011 and beyond.

The resulting articles, expert opinions, and predictions made for an annual health check for sector, if you will, and some of them – including some with an Irish angle – can be read in the February/March issue of Hub News. 

Noted are recent surveys – a must-read for Irish business – such as the Edelman Trust Barometer, which has highlighted that companies using online channels have great greater trust and consumer engagement. This backs up the findings of a McKinsey Global Survey which illustrates the benefits of Web 2.0 on business: greater market share and higher margins.

Importance of e-commerce

Of particular interest to Irish firms is a warning from the Director of Online Sales at Google, speaking at a recent Google/Small Firms Association joint event, that Irish firms won’t recover without e-commerce. Related and noteworthy is an Irish Consumer Intelligence survey from Empathy Research, which has shown that almost 70 per cent of Irish shoppers would use a mobile coupon service if it were offered by Irish retailers, with 60 per cent willing to pay for their purchases via a mobile phone. 

Great opportunities exist for Irish firms if they are willing to make the investment.  The payback will be sustainable Irish jobs. 

Jobs creation

In terms of foreign direct investment alone, the IDA has predicted that between 9,000 and 10,000 jobs in the field of digital media will be created in 2011. Ireland has moved up the ranks of Ernst & Young’s Globalisation Index, and overtaken Singapore – recognition of Ireland’s openness to trade, capital movements, exchange of technology and ideas, and cultural integration – all-in-all a great appeal to multinational firms.

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