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Now is a great time to start a new business

I love excuse busters. Some of the best are when your considering starting a new business. If you want to start a new business you may just have found the excuse why you should not. By doing this, so many potentially great businesses dont get started. “I don’t have the money”, “the economy isn’t favourable”, “it’s just not a good time”, are some of the things that might be going through your mind. The truth is, there will always be an excuse for not doing it, the key is to overcome the obstacles. Now is a great time to start a new business for so many reasons, here are just a few of them.

1. It can be more flexible than being employed
Many people start their own businesses just for this very reason. To have a flexible job, and hours. The truth is, self employed people can work more hours, but the key difference is, you’re not going to have a boss breathing down your neck if you want to work late and start late the next day.

2. Be in charge of your own destiny
This is the incentive for many people, and it generally makes us work harder, as you’re in charge of not only your future but your current income. If you plan for the future, the now will look after itself.

3. Costs in many areas are down
With a recession, the costs of doing business in many areas are down. Of course this depends on market supply and demand for specific products and services, but generally, it’s never been a better time to buy. People are also more receptive to doing a little deal for products and services.

4. Manage your stress
Working for someone else can be very stressful. When you work for yourself, you can manage this stress to some extent by being in charge of your own destiny. Refer to point no. 2

5. Get free and low cost education
There are so many low cost and free educational tools out there to learn about business. Websites like this and networking groups are two of them. There are also many courses and programmes out there also. University’s have business start up programmes tailored for anyone with a good idea.

6. Disruption in the economy means change, and change happens very fast
Entrepreneurs grasp change with both hands, that’s what makes them entrepreneurs. Grasp that change once an opportunity presents itself.

7. When times are leaner, customers shop around
This creates opportunity to supply a leaner product to the market. Loyalties loosen a little with current suppliers during a recession creating opportunity.

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