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Out with the Old, In With the New: 5 Ways to Refresh Your Email Strategy

Email marketing is a proven way to reach and engage a target audience, but it comes with one large challenge – keeping users interested.  This is true for large corporations and personal brands alike.  Keeping your email campaigns relevant, and your audiences engaged, is pivotal to growth.

The first step is to analyze the recipients on your email list, and next, to develop channels to facilitate customer engagement.  Growing your list is always a positive, but don’t write off your current or inactive customers just yet. If you are in need of revitalizing your customer reach, try these approaches:

Data Collection

The single greatest asset for companies that employ email marketing strategies, undeniably, is the data that is collected. While some companies use purchased email lists to “streamline” the process, this method can cause much higher bounce rates and is more likely to cause your emails to land in SPAM. Not to mention, most email service providers don’t allow customer to use purchased lists because it can cause delivery problems across their customer base. Businesses should stay away from purchasing lists to send SPAM emails and rather use best practices to grow their subscriber list and collect personal information.

Every time a visitor to your website turns into a customer you collect useful data about them. Ecommerce platforms can collect geo-location, birthday, gender and transactional history data about customers that can then be reused in email marketing campaigns. You can also collect data from email subscribers through surveys and landing pages. GetFeedback can be used to send surveys and collect information from subscribers while landing page software like Unbounce can be used to collect data when visitors  download an eBook or whitepaper. Use data collection strategies at every customer engagement point to create personalized messaging that turns subscribers into customers.

List Segmentation

One of the most important steps any marketer takes when planning an email campaign is developing a strategy to ensure the intended message reaches a target audience. List segmentation offers the option to reach particular groups within your list by specifying certain criteria.  Sorting by demographics, geography or transaction history has proven to increase click-through rates. Research conducted by Campaign Monitor found that emails using segmented lists generated as much as 760% increase in revenue.  Email marketing platforms like Campaign Monitor integrate with other business systems like Salesforce CRM and Magento Ecommerce to aggregate customer data to group subscribers based on age, gender, geo-location and transactional history. This type of information can be used to send email messages that are personalized to individuals.

A 50-year-old male, for example, will most likely not open a promotion for women’s activewear.  Beyond using just basic subscriber information like age and gender, marketers can combine many data points to send highly targeted messaging. Therefore, to better hone in on customers that are most likely to convert to buyers, creating a personalized message and delivering relevant information is critical to maintaining loyalty and achieving high conversion rates.

Change the Format

Sometimes a simple face-lift is all it takes to revitalize a stagnant campaign. A recent study revealed the likelihood that mobile ecommerce will account for 30% of global e-commerce sales by 2018. With this in mind, creating a simple, clean and easy-to-view one-column email message for subscribers can be the difference between a lucrative interaction and a lost sale.

Email marketing software has adapted their content format strategy to incorporate multi-functionality across devices and are fully customizable based on your content strategy.

Perfect the Content

Make it personal. Inundating users with mundane content-heavy emails has proven time and again to contribute to a decrease in user interest as well as retention. Build successful relationships with customers by providing relevant content and personalizing the message.

Dynamic content can be generated through templates that are industry-specific and appropriate to your target market.  Whether you are delivering a company newsletter or inviting your followers to a live event, use customizable templates to personalize your message and avoid email-inactivity.

Tap Social Strengths

If you view your social media following and email lists as separate audiences, you’re missing out on some big opportunities to engage fans. Email marketing platforms offer simple tools for allowing social followers to opt-in to emails through calls to action, and provide the analytics to show the effectiveness. Find ways to integrate all of your audiences into one for better reach.

Is it time to give your email marketing strategy another look?

Sometimes email marketing campaigns run cold. It is pertinent to take the time to analyze your strategy and figure out what you can do to improve it.  Your audience will take notice of personalized messages and fresh content. Email marketing tools make it easier than ever to compile user data and tailor your marketing strategy to keep your target market engaged and purchasing.

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