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Why Outbound Lead Generation is a Necessary Pain

Everyone’s talking about inbound marketing these days. Personally, I’m getting a little tired of it (though I’m definitely one of the culprits adding to the incessant noise). Outbound lead generation tactics are still legit! They may be a little more expensive, but the best lead generation campaigns use a combination of both inbound and outbound to maximize results. However, no one ever mentions those traditional methods anymore, even though they’re still viable.

I’m here to advocate the greatness that is outbound lead generation techniques like telecommunications, email blasting, direct mail and event marketing. Most of these strategies are a real headache when it comes down to getting the work done. Mass one-way communication is never fun, and the feeling of constant rejection can really get you down (unless you’re a thick-skinned, stone-cold killer, in which case you’d be perfect for the job). Though not for everyone, these techniques still play a big part in the entirety of your lead generation campaign, namely targeting, outreach and conversion.

Here are a few reasons why outbound lead generation is still important:

  1. It’s predictable. You know what your hit rates and conversion rates are going to be and they rarely stray from the standard.
  2. It’s scalable. If you want to up-scale your lead generation efforts, simply hire more outbound marketers/salespeople.
  3. It’s timely. You’ll be realizing the fruits of your labor a lot faster than if you’re trying to use an inbound technique like content marketing or social media marketing.
  4. It’s highly targeted. Your list can be completely comprised of your target audience. That’s just about as highly targeted as it gets.
  5. It’s controlled. You exercise complete control over your outbound lead generation efforts. It operates EXACTLY the way you want it to, no guessing games.

So what’s the solution at the end of the day? If you need to fill your sales funnel but are having a hard time doing it yourself, just get someone else to do it. Yeah i said it. Go out and find the best, most cost-effective lead generation company possible and make a deal.

Here’s why you should be outsourcing your lead generation function to the experts:

  1. You can tap into a niche market and meet bigger sales targets.
  2. You can expand into another geographical location.
  3. You can get fresh ideas when your conventional strategies are running out of steam
  4. You can negotiate a commission-based system if you have a limited budget
  5. You don’t have enough internal staff to provide substantial efforts.
  6. You want to follow best practices but don’t know them yourself.

So executing an outbound lead generation campaign on your own really blows. But if you leave it to the experts, it can really pay off (depending of course on what product you’re offering). My advice is to really take outbound techniques into consideration, they can mean the difference between an average and a prosperous business.

May your prospects be plentiful and your leads be highly qualified!

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