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Oxymorons, agile government and middle aged women

If qualifications were needed to do a job, then we wouldn’t have a salesperson in the country. Or for that matter a politician. A qualified politician? Is that an oxymoron? And while we’re at it many relatives of politicians wouldn’t be in the jobs they’re in..and who’d be on state boards..or in quangos…if they had to be qualified! A Blog on the merits of qualifications for salespeople has triggered this!


Seeing the future

This is another great blog. Its about predicting the future and forecasting trends. There’s some great stuff in there that will make you think about how to predict and take advantage as a business. The bad news – and we’re back to the oxymorons again – we need agile government to take macro advantage of these transformations. They’re not good for economies with lots of legacy systems and great for those that have none. Wonder where our governments fit?

Group within a group

While we’re on the subject of oxymorons, we’ve started a new group to explain how the site works and all of its functionality. The only problem is, and hence the oxymoron, we’ll probably need another group to explain how this group works. Have a look and see if you can make sense of it. In particular, we’re looking for people to tell us how they use the site.

National exposure

Maybe iGate will tell us? They have a great story in the Blog that appeared in the Sunday Business Post. iGate have been contributing and offering help on the site for well over a year. Hopefully they got some insights and a steer on how to evolve their own business from the people on smallbusinesscan that piled in to help them. As a result of the exposure on this site, they were picked up by the Sunday Business Post. And they’re now back in the Blog with a great success story!

Virtual Advisory Board

Here’s an example of how Shea is using the site. He’s been very open about the challenge of getting his gaming business off the ground.  According to Shea: “The game is targeted at middle-aged women, the most common and profitable demographic on facebook”.(Seriously?). Lots of people have piled in with help and suggestions. Shea is also connecting with these people through the ‘Invite a friend’  functionality, so that their contributions right across the site will appear on his profile page every time he logs in. Like a virtual advisory board! As Shea gets to know the site, he will be able to search for threads and blogs on some of the issues he’s facing….type in facebook, IPR, online marketing – some of the issues that have been raised in the thread, Shea – and see all the other threads, blogs and people contributing. Maybe join groups such as the ones dedicated to social media, which seem relevant to your post.

Even more specific help

Another example of how people are using the site and we’ll leave it there. Some companies have been recommended to join the group on exporting, as a result of some help they looked for in the general forum. Last week we had a company looking for help on credit terms for dealing with customers in Turkey. It looks like a number of people have been able to furnish him with the information he needs in the Export group. Now we have WDB looking for some sources on predicting currency fluctuations with the South African Rand. He posted in the forums…was recommended to join the Export group to target specific people and again it looks like he’s getting the help he needs.

Maybe that’s what we need to put into the Welcome to smallbusinescan Group. Case studies on how people are using the site. And the benefits they’re getting using the site so that others can see. Any takers?

Finish with a Laugh

That’s enough for the week’s end. Before you go have a look at the put a smile on your face thread. It’s got hundreds of Jokes at this stage..some of them are pretty funny. So have a look and hopefully have a giggle. And if you have a good…CLEAN…joke post it and share the fun!

And the Winner is….

Oops nearly forgot. The winner of the Samsung Smart Phone for taking part in the smallbusinesscan/Microsoft Cloud Survey is Edrina Briscoe Conway. Congratulations Edrina. Thanks one and all for taking part in the survey and indeed for taking part in our Export survey!