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What Made Singapore the most Cyber-Secure Country in the world?

A few months ago, Singapore unveiled the first draft of a proposed cybersecurity bill which empowers the authorities to take proactive measures to protect local critical information infrastructure (CII). On 18th July, more than 200 participants from all designated Critical Information Infrastructure took part in a cyber-security exercise. Led by […]

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Here are Some Habits Established Companies Should Adopt from Successful Startups

It seems like many big corporations still see startup companies as the new kid in town with no substantial knowledge of the business. This mentality can be damaging, especially if so many startups possess beneficial habits that all established companies should follow. As much as bureaucracy is appreciated and needed […]

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What Effect Will Brexit Have On Immigration?

In the year ending March 2017, there were 2,978 visa applications with 2,546 of those being granted. Of this number there were a whole range of different nationalities including Chinese, Indian, Russian and Turkish. That same year it was recorded that there were 129.9million passenger arrivals into the UK which […]

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The Power of Pictures: Visual Marketing in 2017

Millennials and Generation Z are driving forces behind modern commerce, and they interact best with visual content. The popularity of Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest points to a preference for images over text, and posts on Facebook and Twitter generate more engagement when photos are included. Are you using visual marketing […]

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