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Top 10 Most Successful British Startups

There are literally thousands of companies that could have made this list. I’m not sure if it’s the bleak weather or the thousands of pubs where ideas are born, but Britain is a magnet for successful startups. This isn’t just a guess, Britain is expecting a record breaking 600,000 new companies […]

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New Markets are Like Dating

Imagine you see someone and you are instantly attracted. You decide that the first steps to take are:   Research EVERYTHING about them Learn any languages that they speak Draft a pre-nuptial agreement Buy the engagement ring Plan every aspect of the wedding Short-list names of children you will have […]

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Hackathon + Conference: Travel Meets Big Data

The first B.U.I.L.D Challenge event titled “Travel Meets Big Data”, consists of a Hackathon + Conference happening between the 18th and the 20th of November 2016 in Dublin’s city centre! The B.U.I.L.D Challenge is a European series of technology events enabling innovation and the creation of commercially viable ideas and prototypes […]

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Interview with Canopi Sleeves Creator Sandra Walsh

Orna Stokes of Ulster Bank, explains how a dentist’s waiting room led her to track the progress of an innovative entrepreneur. In 2012, in the dentist’s waiting room, a magazine article caught my eye – as an advocate of women-in-business for many years, my radar was activated by the story […]

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Lower the Cost of Business: 10 Tips

Running a successful business is not easy. There are many things that have to be done the right way to make a business successful. Making mistakes in any area could be the reason that a business fails. From hiring the right employees, to having the equipment that the business needs, […]

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Business of Software Conference 16/17 May

Two for One, Exclusively for Irish Startups to Business of Software Conference Europe – 16/17 May 2016, Powerscourt Hotel. If you’re running a high growth start up, here is a chance to spend time with some of the smartest people in the world of software. Business of Software is the […]

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Composing the Perfect Business Plan

A business plan serves two essential functions. First, it is the first step most banks or other sources of private capital require prior to making a decision regarding a loan or allocation of start-up resources. Second, it allows individuals to analytically evaluate the feasibility of a new business venture or […]

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