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Creating a Successful Employee Reward Program: 6 Key Strategies to Consider

Today’s workforce is more diversified than ever. And companies looking to leverage this rich and vast resource of multi-generational, multi-cultural and multi-lingual employees for competitive edge are finding employee reward programs very effective for upping employee satisfaction, spurring motivation and increasing productivity. Small businesses have the advantage of creating the […]

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Quick Response Voice Over

The original QR, quick response code, was initially developed by Denso Wave, a Toyota subsidiary, in 1993, as part of car assembly operations. QR codes are Alpha Numeric, high capacity, quick scan, codes. The QR code received added applications with the advent of the Smart Phone. In more recent times […]

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Start-up Story: SqueezeIT

It all began about eighteen months ago when in an idle moment I was doodling on the web as one does when I found something which greatly piqued my interest. I was looking at work-at-home stuff which wasn’t going to screw me for money at the time when – don’t […]

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How to Build a Very Big Company

How to Build a Billion Dollar App: Discover the secrets of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time by George Berkowski Do you want to become a billionarie? We do. Actually some of our clients are billion dollar companies. When we reviewed Peter Thiels book, from one to zero, we […]

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Why Upgrade Your ERP System

SO, why upgrade your ERP system? ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems are a major investment for any business. After the initial investment, making the decision of when and how to update the existing system can be a daunting task. When assessing the need to make such a sizeable investment, it […]

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