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Access Asia Business Opportunities at Biggest Asia Business Event of the Year in Ireland

Asia Business Week Ireland 8- 14 July 2015 Access Asia Business Opportunities at biggest Asia Business event of the year Great SME friendly delegate rates + discount for Asia Matters/SBC network members Early bird expires 22 June. Unique Networking Sessions Great Business Partnership Opportunities Expert Market Insights Top Asian, EU, […]

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Workplace Consultations

Under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 consultation between employers and employees is provided for to help ensure co-operation in the prevention of accidents and ill health. Under the Act, employees are entitled to select a safety representative to represent them on safety and health matters that […]

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Saving Time On Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing plans have become more common than water coolers in the modern workplace. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and similar channels offer such vast and obvious advantages that very few businesses have been willing to leave them alone. Activity has long been seen as one of the primary metrics of […]

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Welfare or Well Unfair?

2014 saw Northern Ireland’s so-called ‘spreadsheet recovery’ broaden out into a more tangible household recovery, with the return of low inflation alongside modest wage growth leading to a recovery in disposable household incomes. A slowdown in the pace of austerity has also helped, and, in turn, households have begun to […]

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When to Use Graphic Design for Your Business

The digital world is taking over, and your company needs to follow suit. Many businesses are now ditching brick and mortar in order to take their company solely online. Others are ditching traditional marketing tactics in order to use only new digital options. When it comes to marketing your business, […]

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EURUSD Q4 Parity

Last Friday for the first time ever a developed economy missed a repayment to the IMF. As an alternative to a technical default, Greece requested to roll four payments into one for June 30th and hold further credit negotiations. We also saw the worst performance of German ‘safe-haven’ rates since […]

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