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7 Surprising Tips to Help Your Customers Pay Quickly

Imagine having a productive cash flow, but it’s inaccessible because your customer’s aren’t paying. That’s money that you have coming to your business that you can’t use to develop new products, hire employees or advertise. For most business owners, that’s a realistic scenario that they wish to avoid. The following […]

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5 Steps to Planning Your Next Business Convention

Event planners and marketing professionals know that all successful conventions begin with a message and a plan. But what makes a business convention effective? Here are five tips that will make your next event memorable, interactive and results driven. Maximize the User Experience Event attendees are technology savvy and goal […]

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How to Promote Your Small Business On a Budget

As a small business, you may find it difficult to believe that your business’ promotion can be done successfully whilst on a tight budget. The prospect of DIY marketing can be daunting and overwhelming; especially when you don’t have a definitive sum of cash to work with. However, promoting your […]

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