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5 Ways to Increase Email Open Rate

With the advancement of technology, marketing techniques and opportunities have increased and expanded to include email and social networks. One of the web marketing techniques that has been around the longest is email marketing. Anyone who has ever sent a marketing email knows that the difficult part is not typing […]

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Media watch for Business Women Can

Our Media watcher at Ulster Bank, Kim Kirwan has been busy this week researching and identifying interesting press articles which resonate with our Business Women Can audience. Some interesting findings…. Unconscious gender bias The Business Council of Australia is pushing radical measures to promote women into senior executive jobs, including […]

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Bord bia

Foodservice market worth 6 bln

A report on the Irish foodservice industry, which is currently valued at €6.07bn at consumer prices, was published at the annual Bord Bia foodservice seminar on Wednesday, 6th November. The Foodservice Channel Insights Report highlights the fact that Fast Food continues to dominate Irish foodservice channels and that although price is still […]

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Entrepreneurs as Top Athletes?

Entrepreneurs as top athletes Always believed that an healthy mind is a key success factor in running and growing a business and that there is huge overlap between sports and business. Entrepreneurs are the top athletes of the business world. With the same passion, the same ability to postpone gratification, […]

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Office Layout for the Modern Workplace

The much publicized framework of Google’s offices provides us with a peek into how office layout for the modern workplace would be designed in the future. As much as it veers away from traditional concepts and conventional setups, they obviously work since it pushes employees to be more creative and […]

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Ireland is counting on India

The following article appeared in today’s online publication of The New Indian Express and with their permission we are re-producing the article here (with thanks to Gerry Ennis of Ulster Bank) The numbers “Over a thousand technology companies, half of the world’s financial  institutions, nine out of 10 global pharmaceutical […]

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