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Upcoming Irish Employment Legislation

Given how swiftly Irish employment legislation can change, employers may find that what they were doing yesterday is no longer permissible today. Ireland has now set in place a substantial body of employment legislation and as our obligations continuously develop and alter it is vitally important that all employers keep […]

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Margaret Hearty, Director of programmes and business services at InterTradeIreland

InterTradeIreland Urges SMEs to Prepare for Major Changes in Tendering into the Public Procurement Market

InterTradeIreland is urging SMEs to prepare for major changes in tendering into the public procurement market in terms of new category structures and centralised Government purchasing through the Office of Government Procurement (OGP). Tendering into the Public Procurement Market The OGP was established in January 2014 with a key objective […]

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A Guide on How to Import From China

China has fast become a crucial player in the world’s economic platform. This is primarily because it is by far the leading exporter of diverse types of items. It has earned its popularity with business people all over the world because of the cheap costs that come with purchasing items, […]

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Career Change? Yes You Can!

How many times have you finished another week at the office, only to collapse on the sofa, glass of wine in hand, and dream about the other career you’re going to have? The dog walking business that will combine your love of pets with the great outdoors; the journalism career […]

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Start-up Story: eFolio Accounts is a Cloud Bookkeeping facility that helps business start ups get paid on time and manage cash flow. It is also a invoicing facility, and a collaborative accounting facility. It is built as a double entry automated accounting platform. The key component with eFolio Accounts is that it has […]

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Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Owning a successful business takes both time and effort on your part. A lot of brand new businesses do not even see their first year because of poor marketing techniques. Marketing helps to get a business’s name out there so that customers know what you are and what types of […]

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5 Back Office Practices to Improve Your Business

Industry leaders are well-informed that back office practices have a strong impact in a company’s working capital, revenues and profits. As such, it is important to outline and optimize proactive strategies to improve the business. In this article, we will discuss five effective practices of back office services to achieve sustainable profitability. […]

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How Does Brand Building Help Your Business?

Brand Building in simple words refers to a set of marketing activities that enhances a Brand Equity and identifies it as a special and unique business entity. Branding has been one of the most important tools of marketing and the best way of promoting an organization as an elite business […]

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