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Internet Marketing Tips for your Business

The use of internet has transformed the way business is done: in today’s world, almost every business is handled online or has a counterpart in this medium. In the world of Internet marketing there is much to learn, but much to gain. With the vast amount of information available, it’s […]

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Whoo hoo for women entrepreneurs

From (who have some cracking articles about female entrepreneurship): While women in the upper echelons of corporate America are singing the same old  tune, “Still No Progress After Years of No Progress,” female entrepreneurs have something to rejoice about. The number of $10-million-plus women-owned firms increased by 57% — a growth […]

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Is Your Business Obsessed With Perfection?

I find it strange that so many of us tend to be obsessed with perfection when much of the time trying to be perfect actually ends up being counterproductive. I often come across businesses that offer 100% perfection in their work, and I always ask myself if it’s really necessary. […]

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Teamwork And How To Maximize It

Whether you’re in charge of a business, a charity, a community organization or anything else – teamwork is essential to the success of any project. Without teamwork, people won’t be working together to accomplish common goals. It’s important to find a balance between everyone being individually motivated to succeed, along […]

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The Benefits of Benchmarking

Cormac McKervey organised an agricultural training seminar on Monday 20th January in Ulster Bank, Cookstown. A group of 20 Business Managers from across NI attended including Business Development Managers, Martin Convery, David George, Phil Hill and Conor McNeill.  The guest speakers were Jason McFerran and Ciaran Hamill from CAFRE who […]

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Getting the Most From Your IT Services

In recent years, there has been a dramatic shift in the perception of technology in the workplace. More and more companies are beginning to recognise that IT is an integral part of business, rather than a baseline service which supports other functions. As technology continues to move into the boardroom, […]

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What Is ISO and Why Is It Crucial for Companies Worldwide?

ISO represents the International Organization for Standardization, an entity involving many nations, spanning across continents, ensuring safety and regulation of business equipment and processes. However, ISO does not dedicate itself exclusively to one industry; it seeks to facilitate the betterment of international trade, influencing people, places and associated elements.  Started […]

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Test Us

Last week we announced that Ulster Bank has €1.2billion available to business in 2014. That is completely new money available for businesses North and South. Why The reason we are doing this is because we think that business confidence is growing, demand and quality is increasing and more businesses are […]

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Build Your Financial Capability in 2014

Business owners understand their business and are usually good at explaining what it is they do and why their product / service is worth choosing over a competitors. Yet many of the same business owners are uncomfortable in describing the financials of their business as they do not feel they […]

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Reassess for Success

It is vital that you continually reassess your situation. No matter where you are on the scale of success, it is a worthwhile exercise to take time out and re-evaluate. Why Because the daily grind can cloud your creativity and your judgement, we become so consumed by tasks which may […]

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The Science of Serendipity

“The storms of creative destruction are blowing us to a better place”. This is a quote directly from “Megachange, the world in 2050”. If you watch the technology trends, there is no question about it. Big data, the internet of things, social media, genetics, biology, quantum computing are all big waves. […]

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