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Social enterprise and its job potential

The social enterprise sector is significantly underdeveloped in Ireland at present. Clarke and Eustace (2009)6 used the findings from a survey of nine partnership areas of the Republic of Ireland, to make an estimate that social enterprises in Ireland generate some €240 million in revenue, spend €230 million in Ireland […]

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Thank you fund; € 25,000 (it could be you)

For those of you working broadly in the area of healthy living/food/diet etc you might be interested in the Thank You Fund from Coca Cola. Up to €25,000 up for grabs! Spotted by Social Entrepreneurs Ireland: Here are the details from their website: What is The Coca Cola Thank […]

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Can We Trust Our Charities?

We are punch-drunk in Ireland and across the globe by cases of catastrophic and hugely damaging failures in corporate governance. Every decade brings up a new batch of even more spectacular breakdowns in governance, where those charged with the stewardship and oversight of their organisations, seem to have been asleep […]

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Content Marketing and Storytelling

Social media has changed the landscape in marketing and advertising. There is now a shift in the relationship between customers and marketing professionals. No longer can marketers just simply push messages to their customers, they must now attract and engage them. Telling a story about your brand can go a […]

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Business Achievers; Capstone Design

Business Achievers Capstone designs, deploys, manages and supports real-time communication networks across multiple geographical locations through a team of highly skilled technical architects, engineers and project managers. Established in 2007 with the initial vision to address the communication technology needs of the Irish market, Capstone has grown to become an […]

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Bord bia

Private labels the future?

The private label market share will continue to grow over the next year in Europe, according to the recent study European Consumers Today, carried out by SurveyLab at the request of the PLMA (Private Label Manufacturers Association). The study shows that one in four consumers – from a sample of 10,000 […]

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Trade Shows and Exhibitions

You are an aspiring businessman. You are trying to boost your market value and you are also, looking for a right opportunity to launch your business in national or international market. Do you agree with all the mentioned statements? Then, you have reached the right platform to understand what all […]

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VoIP Business Phones

If you’re running a small business, you are constantly on the lookout for win-win scenarios; if you are considering changing the way your business operates, you naturally want the end result to meet multiple objectives.  For instance, if you are switching internet service providers, you might hope to get better […]

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Delivering a Business Plan

The meeting is ended and the Business Plan/Strategy has been approved. The management team is pleased with the outcome. The consultants have produced a glossy document with both verbal and visual graphics showing the rationale for the plan/strategy.  Many days of debate and data analysis have delivered a compelling plan/strategy. […]

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Be the Best You Can Be in Business

Businesses, and Small Businesses in particular are facing an extremely tough marketing environment and finding it very difficult to maintain their current position and indeed, remain in business. That is not news but it is reality and it is important to face up to reality. Individuals and groups on occasions […]

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entreprenuer revolution

Entrepreneurship Is The Future

Hot ticket items Entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, innovation and culture are hot ticket items for our clients. So I keep an eye out on the start up books that come out on a regular basis. I am childish As an author of start up books myself, I get very jaundice when I […]

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Deloitte Launches Best Managed Company Awards

Deloitte, the leading business advisory firm, in association with Barclays, is encouraging indigenous companies from Northern Ireland to submit their applications for the 2013 Best Managed Company Awards Programme. Best Managed Company Awards The awards programme, now in its sixth year, recognises companies of outstanding quality across the island of […]

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Tips for Growing a Small Business

The Roman playwright Titus Maccius Plautus was the first person to use the well-known phrase “you must spend money to make money”. However, given the current economic climate and the fact that the Federation of Small Business estimates there are 4.8 million small businesses trading within the UK, taking the […]

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