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Employment Law, Health and Safety Workshop

Protect your business from costly litigation. This fast paced workshop, specifically designed for Business Owners, Directors and business decision makers, is full of useful information, tips and advice on how to assist you in understanding your obligations as an employer. What you will learn…. How to ensure Health & Safety and […]

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Bord bia

10 billion in food export

The value of Irish food and drink exports has approached €10billion for the first time in 2013, according to new figures released by Bord Bia at the launch of this year’s “Performance and Prospects” publication. This represents an increase of 9% on the previous year and 40% in the last […]

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Practising for Reality

Contrary to what is widely thought, in a role play situation, employees ‘play’ themselves and are not required to ‘act’. Role Play (in an Educational setting) can be described as the opportunity to practise a specific work-related situation to support and enhance a particular learning or skill.It is an interactive […]

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5 Ways To Put Your Business Back On Track

Running a small business is no longer a walk in the park. It is quite similar to lows and highs of cross-country. Ideally, success is not a straight line, but an array of slowdowns, wrong turns, and extremely dangerous curves. When running a business, the whole journey will be filled […]

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How to Make a Sale – Steps of the Sale

Have you heard the one about the man who walks into a hardware shop and asks to buy a drill?  “What kind of hole do you want?” responds the sales assistant.  It’s a classic sales and marketing training parable that encapsulates the relationship between buyer and seller.  The customer has […]

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23 Inspirational Female Entrepreneurs Graduate

23 female entrepreneurs graduated from the SUPPORT programme which was run by the Coolock Development Council and funded by Ulster Bank Community Impact Fund.  The certificates were presented by Nicola Byrne, MD, 11890. The SUPPORT programme provided business skills training, mentoring, guest speaker and networking events to these fledgling entrepreneurs, […]

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How Small Businesses Can Benefit From VoIP

Small business owners are inundated with advice these days – from ‘growth hacking’ to digital marketing tips, there’s a wealth of helpful information out there. One area that isn’t as well covered is the technological advances in business phone systems, and the options available to not only improve the efficiency […]

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Managing Your Marketing Material

As a new business, it is more than likely that your initial sales will be limited not by the quality of your service or product, but by the visibility and reputation of your company. The fact of the matter is that potential clients cannot provide you with a sale if […]

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The Death of PCs and Landlines?

There used to be a time when accessing the internet meant sitting in front of a computer. Nowadays, things have changed and much of our web browsing is done on a smartphone. We also use our smartphones for a number of day-to-day business activities: smartphone applications are now often just […]

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