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How to Promote Your Business Using Pinterest

If you are doing any social media marketing by now, you probably have a Pinterest account and are dutifully pinning to idea boards and following your followers, but with Pinterest rolling out the goods this fall with, first, the new business account option, and, most recently, the “places” option, it’s […]

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Diet Feeder Demo

Niall Heerey & Andrew Carolan from Ulster Banks Region East Agri Team were in attendance at the Keenan Diet Feeder Demonstration on Pat Callans farm in Philipstown, Dunleer, Co. Louth, on Friday 6th December. No matter what feed and forages you use there are two things that are crucial. The […]

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3 Must Know Tips for Starting a Business

You’re starting a business, but you don’t really know where you start. It’s understandable. Starting a brand new enterprise is hard work. It’s easy to get bogged down in the finer details and unimportant stuff that appears important but is actually trivial to your success (i.e. the business license, DBA, […]

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Stop the Pantomime!

If asked to name the pantomime character that best represents you, who would you say? Chances are you’d adopt a positive mindset and suggest Buttons, Cinderella, Peter Pan, or one of the more affable Seven Dwarfs. It’s much less likely that you’d describe yourself as an Ugly Sister, the Wicked […]

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SEO for Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is the management, monitoring and response to communications concerning your brand on third party websites. It’s about ensuring that the voice of your brand is present and engaging in the digital universe so that its reputation is maintained. Developing your Online Presence Essentially you want to maintain […]

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5 Questions to Ask Your Insurer

It’s an expensive time to run a small business and, as an entrepreneur, you’re always going to want to make your money go further in this climate. Business insurance is one area where business owners are allowed to seek out value but be wary: this shouldn’t be at the expense […]

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Why Did The $ Not Rally Yesterday?

As the market awaits the last unemployment report of the year at 1.30pm today some in the market are asking themselves why the US dollar didn’t rally yesterday. Many would have though it would seeing the following headlines flash across the screens yesterday, revised 3Q US GDP print coming in […]

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Effective Corporate Training Videos

In the past couple of decades, video has exploded onto the enterprise scene as a viable delivery mechanism for internal team and company training opportunties. The ability to utilize the best in modern technology with proven teaching methologies and pedagogies delivers robust collaboration, reduced costs and improved team productivity around […]

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Preparing for the SEPA Deadline of 1 Feb 2014

The 1st February 2014 is the date by which the existing national euro credit transfer and direct debit schemes will be phased out and replaced by the European SEPA alternatives. After this date, rather than using sort code and account numbers to identify bank accounts when making payments, organisations will […]

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Asia Trade Forum and UCD Smurfit Business School Team Up For Mentoring Partnership

The Asia Trade Forum of the Irish Exporters Association and Smurfit Business School has entered into a mentoring partnership where students will work on a group project with a member company to complete a new market entry strategy.  In response to the rapidly growing markets in Asia, a country from […]

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