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Curtain Up For Cultural Tourism

ULSTER BANK BELFAST FESTIVAL AT QUEEN’S HIGHLIGHTS THE ROLE OF ARTS AND CULTURE AS A DRIVING FORCE FOR NORTHERN IRELAND TOURISM Susan McCleary, Ulster Bank Belfast Festival at Queen’s and Susie McCullough, Northern Ireland Tourist Board have launched the Festival’s 2014 ‘Postcard Campaign’ shining a spotlight on the vital role […]

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How To Go From Tradesman To Businessman

It’s question on the minds of all self employed tradesmen in the current economic climate; How can I possibly make more money when rates are so low and competition so high? In this post we’re looking at how to go from tradesman to businessman and make more money. Since 2008 […]

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Use Small Business Can as a Channel

If you are selling B2B and especially to SMEs, why not use Smallbusinesscan as a channel? We have 50,000 visitors per month, our mailing list is hitting 20,000 and our social media reach isn’t bad either, with 5,000 likes on Facebookand 10,000 plus followers on Twitter. If you want to ‘own’ us for a month to promote a special […]

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Time to Enter The Business Achievers Awards

The Business Achievers Awards is probably one of the best broad based all Island business competitions and there’s a category for all businesses big and small. The application form is here and will take no more than 30 minutes to fill in. It could be 30 minutes well spent because […]

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How a London Move Could Benefit Your Business

Did you know that London is one the most popular cities in the world? According to Ipsos MORI – which published the survey last year – many of the 18,000 individuals polled rated the capital highly for tourism, business opportunities, and considered it one of the best places to live. […]

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5 Tech Hacks for Small Businesses

A smart use of technology can make all the difference in keeping up with corporate competitors and even other small businesses. Considering that technology can either be devastatingly expensive or completely free, smart use of tech strategies is definitely the key word here. It’s not about how much money you […]

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Mid Ulster Networking Event

Women in Business NI are excited to host a joint event representing Mid-Ulster and the North West. Members and Non-Members from all over Northern Ireland are encouraged to join us for a Networking Lunch in this elegant venue, with guest speaker Tracy Hamilton, Owner of Mash Direct. Mash Direct are […]

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Boldly Going…

If you Google the word Enterprise the first thing to come up is Star Trek. But to us, we’re small business owners not some kind of space cadets. We have started a business so what we are, is Entrepreneurs. Enterprising People. The recovery of the Irish economy largely depends on […]

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5 Vital Tips to Plan a Business Conference

Hosting a conference is a very complicated project and its success depends on the meticulous planning that goes into it. It might be a business’s first or the tenth conference, believe us, it take the same amount of effort and hard work. Small business conferences are a must to keep […]

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[Event] The Disruptors Conference, Dublin, September 5

The recent arrival on these shores of billion dollar valued startups such as Uber and airbnb from Silicon Valley has ruffled a few feathers as local traders are forced to adapt to compete with these highly disruptive businesses. An upcoming one-day business conference is attempting to uncover how the fastest […]

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5 Tips on Incorporating a Small Business

Incorporating a business is a relatively simple process that often goes overlooked as a way of creating solid foundations for growth at small or medium-sized companies. Incorporating has a number of benefits and advantages for individuals or teams leading a small business, not the least of which is that it […]

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5 Technology Essentials for Small Business

Whether it’s building log cabins in the Alaskan wilderness or offering self-defence classes in the local gym, technology is going to play an integral role in your business. However non-technological your business seems it is still a business and all businesses can benefit from technology. It is vital for small […]

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5 Apps for Planning Success

Working in a small business has its advantages and disadvantages. On one hand you can get to know your small team well and on the other you don’t have an enormous budget or personal assistant at your disposal. As busy business women we are always on the go and time […]

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