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Ryan Academy launches third phase of Propeller Venture Accelerator

 DCU’s Ryan Academy is launching the third phase of its Propeller Venture Accelerator programme for early-stage technology start-ups on Monday 3rd September 2012.  This three-month, award-winning accelerator offers a total package of €45 000 to entrepreneurs with winning ideas:  €30 000 investment, office space, over 80 mentors (technical, specialists and […]

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3 Ways to streamline your business processes

As your business grows, your job within your business changes. At some point you get to go from working at your business (everyday tasks) to working on your business. One of the most important ways you can work on your business is to streamline and improve business processes. By doing […]

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“We’re sorry” says Ulster Bank boss

“We’re sorry and our number 1 job right now is to put things right” said the boss of Ulster Bank’s corporate banking division, David Thomas. Speaking to SBC as Ulster Bank announced steps to make amends for the havoc caused during the recent RBS IT systems incident, Thomas went on […]

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David Manley – the Man behind the Awards

Everyone involved in the David Manley Emerging Entrepreneur Awards is very excited about our new association with!  So we thought we’d tell you a bit about the man who inspired our Awards – David Manley. Dynamic, charismatic, giving, visionary, free-thinking, gregarious, sociable, fearless, courteous – and yes, even occasionally […]

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Tips on Staffing Appropriately

Julianna Davies explores techniques to make hiring for any business, both large and small, effective and long lasting. She delves deeper into a topic covered by Small Business Can about every company’s non-negotiables, focusing more on the process of finding employees who are both capable of the positions’ responsibilities and a […]

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Women in business? Pass the smelling salts

Despite the rumour mill of social history, women have played an important economic role throughout many different eras. During the twentieth century there was a tendency for many women to tow the line and stay home bringing up baby but prior to this the story was a bit more complicated. Believe […]

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Size really does matter!

Having listened to many politicians over the past few months paying lip service to the need to help SME’s create much needed employment in the Irish Economy and having kept a watchful eye on the E Tenders website for suitable tenders, I have come to the conclusion that I am […]

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Smallbusinesscan and David Manley

SmallBusinessCan is getting involved with the David Manley awards. We like positive people, we like good stories, we like helping and supporting business. Support “Everyone loves you when you’re successful – but what about when you’re starting out and feeling very inexperienced with little resources – that’s when entrepreneurs need […]

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Blogging for gold

With the recent Olympics as a benchmark of success, it seems that only gold will be celebrated. So it’s fair to say that going for gold is the only way to live. And at this years Blog Awards Ireland, I have my eye firmly on the prize. However, I’m not […]

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Thinking about the lean start up

My friend Alan just published an excellent blog on “Lean start up”. That got me thinking. Isn’t “lean start up” another term for “bootstrapping” or “market research”? I agree with a lot Eric Ries says (how can you not), but I just find it difficult to see what is […]

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The question of confidence….

Article appearing in today’s Irish News Business Insight. As we indulged in a dose of much-needed Olympics feel-good therapy earlier this month, the fifth anniversary of the start of the credit crunch came and went. As we watched Usain Bolt snap his countrymen’s celebrations with a borrowed camera after a […]

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Measuring small business success

Every business measures profits. That is a given. Corporate offices measure everything from social media and inbound links to the efficiency of specific projects. Small businesses aren’t measuring all the aspects of their business that they can and should. Here are 4 things, beyond profit, that all small businesses should […]

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