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Smallbusinessadvice was started around the same time as Smallbusinesscan. Based on the same principle. Business people helping business people. A panel of business experts volunteering their time to give practical advice to small businesses. Your business can benefit by applying for a mentoring session, where business experts will give solid, practical […]

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10 Creative Ways to Make Money Online

When most people think of ways to make money online, they often think of those spammy work-at-home mommy ads that are plastered across the Internet. While there are a lot of scams floating around on the web, there are some interesting money-making opportunities if you know how to find them. […]

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7 Marketing Ideas For Small Business

There are two fundamental truths about marketing a start-up. One – a great product alone is not sufficient to succeed. Second – no amount of marketing will make a crap product gain mass attention. In short, successful start-up marketing requires you to practice a seamless blend of a great product […]

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How to Create Highly Shareable Videos

Let’s be real, it is difficult to promote any business through content marketing. Some marketing strategies work better than others, but there’s no guarantee your content or message will go viral. There are ways, however, to increase the viral potential of your content. The first is to focus on providing […]

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How Technology Shapes The Way We Do Business

In this digital age, it’s not surprising technology has played a huge part in how a business operates. Practically everything can be done online these days. It hasn’t just helped businesses reach a wider audience, it’s also helped to improve productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Printing, for example, has […]

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Easy Ways to Motivate Your Employees

It is a well-known fact that marketing problems are the majority of problems in the business world. If we go from the fact that ’’the motivation is the essential of management’’ it is clear that the most of the problems could be solved by motivating your employees. The three main […]

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Jobs Bulletin 4 July (#allaboutjobs)

This Bulletin is part of the Government’s Year for Jobs Campaign, aimed at increasing awareness of what is being done in Ireland to create jobs & tackle unemployment. On Twitter, follow @yearforjobs or hashtag any of your announcements with #allaboutjobs  1.89million People now in work, an increase of 42,700 (2.3 […]

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Holland Are Still In It!

A row has broken out between the members of the Smallbusinesscan team. Only one of the team still has a team in the world cup soccer competition and he feels the site should be painted orange until the final, where they will meet Germany and get beaten (again). He is […]

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