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How do you know what you know?

Many of us “know” things about our business. We know what customers want – we know what role technology can play in our business or service – we know the best way to manage our business and to deliver our product or service. How do we know all of this? […]

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Protecting your business

If you have an existing business or a new business it is important to consider all the options to protect yourself against crime. Crimes committed against businesses can be costly and result in damage or loss of stock, equipment, money or data. The safety of staff members can also be […]

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Climb a mountain!

Last weekend I climbed Croagh Patrick along with two of my brothers and one of our nephews. The mountain stands 2,500 feet high, located outside Westport in Co Mayo. And having climbed it, I have huge admiration for anybody that has climbed such mountains like Kilimanjaro! Croagh Patrick is no […]

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If it’s worth doing, do it right

We’re a website. We have to do a Top Tips! Here’s our take on how you should approach entering business competitions and filling in the forms. Sorry if this appears a bit didatic. But last year some of the smallbusinesscan team were on judging panels; this blog is based on […]

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Teach kids to operate like entrepreneurs

Universities have just about started (they need their break).  Education is a big of bugbear of mine. I have written regularly on how our education system is NOT preparing my children and your children for the future. Ken, Seth and Charles I’m largely informed by Ken Robinson. (Watch him on […]

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The nobility of sales?

Philip Delves Broughton is the author of “What they teach you at Harvard business school”. Not to be confused with “What they don’t teach you at Harvard Business School by Mark McCormack. We have been searching for a book like this. Our clients regularly ask us to find them a […]

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Do I need a collections agency?

Hiring a collections agency can be a tricky matter. From finding the right firm to making sure you’re placing an account with them at the right time, involving a collections agency in your business is serious stuff. As a small business that leases products or offers payment plans for purchasing, […]

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Does mentoring work?

Mentoring means different things to different people! To me, a mentor is someone who can work with me to encourage me, to question me and critically who will challenge the assumptions I make about my business. It is difficult to see what you take for granted yourself! The way you […]

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Eogahn Jennings view on start ups in Dublin

Dublin has been in the news a lot recently, most of it related to failed banks and the fallout from a disastrous property bubble. In the midst of all this negative news, however, a contrasting story is emerging: Technology companies are driving a resurgence of growth in Ireland, with Dublin’s start-ups […]

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Kickstart your business; Knightsbridge Boutique

Every week Newstalk features a company on Kickstart your business with George Hook and Ger Tannam. Knightsbridge is a boutique offering designer jewellery and accessories, with an emphasis on bridal-wear, through both its store on Dublin’s South William Street and its website Knightsbridge Boutique was set up by Edwina […]

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