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101 things to watch out for in 2013

Ann Mack’s is the director of trendspotting at JWT. Here is her list (in alphabetical order) of the trends to watch out for in 2013 (we added one ourselves):   Business achievers awards 3D Bioprinting Adult Playgrounds African Tech Stars Allergen-Free Alternative Brand Currencies Ambushed by Amazon Appcessories The Arabic […]

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Reasons to be optimistic in 2013

One of our favourite threads on our forum is called “11 reasons to be optimisitc about Ireland”, which was the title of an article by Ronan Lyons in 2010. Since then we have added a lot of other reasons. To give you a taste: Ireland ranked second after Hong Kong […]

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How to grow your business

A company is an organic thing, and business owners want to see it grow. In this post I outline some handy tips on how to grow your business. Every business is different, depending on its aspirations, industry, and target markets. To get a business to thrive, it takes meticulous strategy, […]

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7 Tips to reduce printing costs

Having a printer in the office helps increase productivity through (1) quick production of necessary documents and (2) the elimination of costs and travel time delivering files between the workplace and the printing service. However, it can also eat away funds with the massive amounts of paper it can consume, […]

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Starting a coffee shop business

Have you dreamt about starting a coffee shop business but not sure where to start? I would like to offer you tips that will help you when starting out. These tips include cosmetic details and marketing so they will help your shop look amazing and let people know about it! Furniture […]

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Top 10 best business books

Alan Jordan and Ron Immink from Bookbuzz have compiled their Top 10 best business books. Top 10 best business books 1. Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman The author challenges the rational model of judgment and decision making, and takes us on a groundbreaking tour of the mind He […]

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Business Achievers Awards

Calling on all internationally trading #businessachievers

If you are a company that operates internationally you should consider entering the business achievers. Below are the finalists of last year. Terminalfour Terminalfour provides enterprise Web Content Management Systems (WCMS) and solutions to medium and large sized organisations in North American, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East. […]

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Business women can media watch

Last week was very quiet, but this time our Ulster Bank Media watcher, lovely Lisa Raftery (note the spelling), has a long list of articles. Here is the list. David Thomas as Business Women Can champion David Thomas, talks about the The Women Led Recovery here There is an other […]

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Strategy equals growth

We’ve said it before: We have a strategy deficit on this island. Indigenous businesses do not grow, because of the lack of strategy. Look at the proof; count the number of truly international household names we have? We can’t blame the recession because they didn’t grow during the boom years […]

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Succession planning – 9 tips

At its most basic, succession planning involves a succession plan that documents a road map for partners, heirs and successors to follow in the event of your death, disability or retirement. This plan can include a program for distribution of business stock and other assets, debt retirement schedules, life insurance […]

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Bert and Ernie do la, la, la

Its been a tough week with even more austerity being planned in both Ireland and the UK. We thought we would post someting innocent from happier times.. to cheer us all up. Here’s an idea; when you read the budget summaries, have Bert and Ernie playing in the background!

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UK faces up to austerity

The UK Coalition government has reached the halfway point in its term of office. When the Chancellor announced his master plan in the summer of 2010, he must have hoped that the worst of the fiscal pain would be behind him by now. Economic growth was supposed to be just […]

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