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Tips for a Successful Business Event

Event planning can transform even the toughest organiser into a quivering wreck, such is the stress involved in successful business event management. Regardless attendees heading to a networking event, business meeting or trade show still expect a unique, positive experience from the event and it can be an effective way for […]

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Cost Benefit Analysis for SMEs

Watching the ever-popular SME, or small-medium-sized enterprise grow throughout the EU market has never been easier. In terms of its strictest definition—which deals with the number of employees and end of year balance sheet totals for the enterprises—SMEs make up more than 90% of the total market. But, how effective […]

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Tips on Renting an Office

No matter how small or large one’s business is, a major concern will be that of acquiring a good office. It determines how comfortable you and your clients are, and this could widely influence your business. The tips are essential for all, especially the ones who are renting for the […]

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You’ve Been Breached: Steps to Take When Your Network is Compromised

Discovering that the security of your computer network has been compromised can be nothing short of terrifying and can cause strained relationships between business, their customers, and their vendors. From valuable internal intellectual property and trade secrets to sensitive financial data belonging to your customers and vendors, a security breach […]

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The longest business success tips list ever?

As part of the “A head for business” events across the island of Ireland, we asked people to submit their number one business tip for success and growth. It is a very long list. A few tips came back on a regular basis. Work hard. Passion. Do your research. Self […]

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And the winner is…

Congratulation to Brendan Walsh! He is the winner of the Small Business Can prize draw for a brand new iPad mini! He’s business tip: “Start small, baby steps, work hard and you’ll get there.” Very good advice indeed! Brand new iPad mini on it’s way to you. Thanks to everybody […]

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Tips for a Small Business Strategy in Social Media

Social networks are an important tool of online marketing. Its great advantage lies in its ability to reach the target audience and promote non-intrusive engagement. Therefore, before launching and establishing your brand in Social Media, a strategy should be properly conceived and planned. Key and essential aspects of a Small […]

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