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Sport and your B2B Relationships

Being a mass market activity sport is often look on primarily for its power as a consumer marketing tool. Often overlooked though is how a sprinkling of stardust can make a huge difference in business to business relationships. Padraig Harrington has signed a long term endorsement deal with Clune Construction, […]

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Call Management Enters the UK Market

Call Management was set up 12 years ago with a very basic mission. We wanted to provide the SME sector with a 24 by 7 telephone answering service support package at a fraction of the in-house cost. Call Management Enters the UK Market The Irish market has experienced a fair […]

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5 Ways to Hatch Your Next Business Idea

Experts say that over 80 percent of workers dream of being their own boss, and it’s almost a surprise that the number isn’t higher. After all, why not? Making your own hours and being in control of your own financial future holds a definite appeal for nearly everyone. But some […]

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Spotlight; an eye for online potential

Clodagh McGovern established her state-of-the-art Optician’s in Westport, County Mayo in 2005.  A native of the area, Clodagh’s business grew steadily throughout the noughties and she received much praise for her stylish, customer-centric practice – winning several awards along the way. It was the realisation of online potential that focused […]

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How to Create Brand Recognition

The attitudes that consumers have towards brands today are very different to the attitudes of even one generation ago. Today, having a strong brand is more important than ever before. Consumers are not content to purchase a product simply because it “can do the job”. They identify strongly with the brands […]

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Referrals don’t work!

“What do you mean?” I hear you cry, “of course referrals work!”  If that’s the case, why don’t more people ask for them? I’m being a bit facetious here. I work with a lot of businesses who struggle to grow their customer base. My first question is, “How unhappy are […]

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How Scary is Social Media?

When I meet customers both large and small the conversation often turns to social media and its value to business. As a generalisation, the larger the company, the less likely they are to have anything other than a defensive strategy. Senior executives tend to be of a certain age and […]

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4 Ways to Save Money in Your Business

The early weeks and months of a startup are a tenuous time. With so much of the future uncertain, every moment seems to carry the added weight and pressure of building toward sustainability and success. Mistakes can often be amplified because they occur at such a volatile time, making savvy […]

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The Benefits of Networking

Just thought I would share with you something that happened last night. There was a business achievers event run by Ulster Bank in Waterford. I wanted to go as I knew that Sandra Hart, the Director of European affairs with BNI was going to be on the panel. The theme […]

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