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7 Brand Design Tips for Start-ups

It’s essential to get the foundations of your business’s branding right from the start. This can not only help make a successful business, but it will help save a lot of time, energy and cost if things need to be re-done further down the line. Read on for our 7 […]

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Marketing Mix – 4 Ps or 8 Ps?

The concept of a marketing manager as a “mixer of ingredients” — a chef who pulls together basic components to cook up a profitable dinner – dates back to 1948, when used it to explain how marketing actually worked. Indeed, any marketing manager faced with a new product or a […]

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Functional Décor for Small Businesses

Your small business is in its infancy. You’ve moved from the garage office into actual headquarters! This move comes hand in hand with the need to design how your office will look. The bad news? While tricking out your office can be exciting experience, it can also expensive endeavor. For newbie […]

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The Power of Branding

Ever since I read “Brandwashed” I look at marketeers with some suspicion. Ever since I read “The old rules of marketing are dead” I questioned their added value. “Branding is for for cows” questions the effect of branding. Brian Solis (my old time favourite writer on social media), would suggest […]

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Exhibition Stand Design: It Matters

Exhibition stands come in lots of different shapes and sizes. It’s not the bare bones of a stand that makes it stand out though – it’s the design that your stand incorporates. Stands come in all shapes and sizes and covering those bare bones with great graphics is vital if […]

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3 Signs of a Healthy Facebook Page

Facebook remains the top contender in an increasingly competitive world of social media, yet it seems to continuously become more difficult to navigate for businesses. Yes, business owners realize it’s important, and downright necessary to have a Facebook presence, but it seems like changes are introduced nearly every week that […]

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Taking a Lesson from

As the world’s largest online retailer, is clearly doing something right. Between their hundreds of thousands of product offerings, e-reader domination, and all around clean image, Amazon has proven itself to be a powerhouse that we could all learn from. With such a behemoth of a company in the […]

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How I Turned a Book Into a Business

It has always been my dream to publish a book; however I never knew when this opportunity would arise. My name is Jackie Griffin Synnott and I am the authour of a book called Rhymes for Remedies. Rhymes for Remedies teaches parents and children about the use of homeopathic remedies. […]

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