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Corporate Photography Tips

Hi everyone, I was just thinking, if a picture paints a thousand words, how many words are you losing because of poor images in your sales brochures, catalogues or website? In this post I’ll pass on a few corporate photography tips that might be of use. Good imagery is vitally […]

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Start-Up Story: Get Invited

Get Invited is the next generation of online ticketing and event registration software, enabling event organisers to: send digital tickets, delivered directly to their customers’ smartphone; easily manage attendees with smartphone ticket scanning; view social conversations, photos and videos from their events in real-time; and perform detailed event performance analysis. […]

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Your Own Worst Enemy

My client was ready to check himself into a home for the bewildered.  Yet again, he’d gone into a meeting and come out three hours later with nothing to show for it, and the only thing agreed was that everyone should reconvene next week.   It was driving him nuts.  “How […]

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Start-Up Story: TeamStory

“I’ve got an idea for an app!”…oh brother… Yes, against our better judgements we have decided to throw our (decidedly burnt) hands into the furnace of app development. Why punish ourselves, you might rightly ask, when there is more than a billion apps in the App Store alone? With more […]

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GDP Growth Unexpectedly Slips

GDP growth unexpectedly slips into negative territory in Q4; GDP fell by 0.3% in 2013 as a whole, though GNP – perhaps a better indicator of underlying conditions at present – rose by 3.4% Today’s fourth quarter GDP figures were softer than expected, with a 2.3% quarterly decline defying expectations […]

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Ulster Bank Backs International Business Womens Conference as Part of Strategy to Support Female Entrepreneurs

Ulster Bank has underlined its commitment to female entrepreneurship by supporting Northern Ireland’s first International Business Womens Conference (IBWC 2014), citing local business women as ‘a hugely valuable, yet largely untapped resource’. The Bank has partnered with Women in Business NI (WIBNI), hosts of IBWC 2014, which will welcome business […]

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Working Time Employment Law Explained

All employers, both small and large, are required to maintain records in relation to their Employees. An Organisation must keep certain records relating to its Employees to demonstrate their compliance with employment legislation. Despite this, it is an area that is sometimes overlooked or neglected. Read on for working time […]

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8 Things You Must Know When You Launch A Start-Up

Many people dream of starting their own business and being their own boss. No attending mind-numbing meetings, no being glued at the desk, no answering bothersome phone calls, no writing boring reports in a thankless corporate job. Instead, creativity, freedom and independence await you at your own start-up. Nowadays, launching […]

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Absenteeism Around St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is imminently approaching and while the festivities are eagerly anticipated by many, the day after can often present a headache for employers. This year St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Monday which for many employers will continue to be a normal working day so it is important […]

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Start-Up Story: Vital Nutrition

Banish the image of the traditional Ulster Fry. Northern Ireland, it seems, is keen on getting healthy and in doing so by improving its diet. That, at least, is the impression given by Jane McClenaghan, whose business Vital Nutrition “is thriving”, she says. Jane is based in Belfast, while her […]

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