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Smallbusinesscan and David Manley

SmallBusinessCan is getting involved with the David Manley awards. We like positive people, we like good stories, we like helping and supporting business. Support “Everyone loves you when you’re successful – but what about when you’re starting out and feeling very inexperienced with little resources – that’s when entrepreneurs need […]

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Blogging for gold

With the recent Olympics as a benchmark of success, it seems that only gold will be celebrated. So it’s fair to say that going for gold is the only way to live. And at this years Blog Awards Ireland, I have my eye firmly on the prize. However, I’m not […]

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Thinking about the lean start up

My friend Alan just published an excellent blog on “Lean start up”. That got me thinking. Isn’t “lean start up” another term for “bootstrapping” or “market research”? I agree with a lot Eric Ries says (how can you not), but I just find it difficult to see what is […]

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The question of confidence….

Article appearing in today’s Irish News Business Insight. As we indulged in a dose of much-needed Olympics feel-good therapy earlier this month, the fifth anniversary of the start of the credit crunch came and went. As we watched Usain Bolt snap his countrymen’s celebrations with a borrowed camera after a […]

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Measuring small business success

Every business measures profits. That is a given. Corporate offices measure everything from social media and inbound links to the efficiency of specific projects. Small businesses aren’t measuring all the aspects of their business that they can and should. Here are 4 things, beyond profit, that all small businesses should […]

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Building your self confidence

Confidence is an extraordinary quality. It affects everything from pricing and marketing, to how we handle difficult clients, how we deal with disappointment, and how we plan for the future. While you might be confident in one area, typically the area you need most to improve your confidence will lead […]

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Trend: Sustainable living

The Consumer Lifestyles Trends Programme is a foundation of knowledge that allows the Irish Food and Drinks Industry to better predict and prepare for consumers’ future needs and wants. Last week we looked at the Simple Pleasures trend which is all about the importance of getting enjoyment from the simple […]

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5 quick tips for your LinkedIn profile

I recently hit a LinkedIn milestone with 1000 connections. This has surprised me too but coincides nicely with our 1000 buyers on Anyway, I have been asked a few times recently for some LinkedIn tips. Therefore, I wish to share some of my learnings from LinkedIn (and I strictly […]

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The lean startup

The Lean Startup is a business approach that is synonymous with the work of Eric Ries (who has also published a book called The Lean Startup) and Stanford professor Steve Blank. It describes a new approach for start-ups and prescribes behaviours they should adapt to increase the likelihood that they […]

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How much does a website cost?

Ah, the age old question. A perfectly understandable one too but I would wager that you never get a straight answer when you ask it. The reason for this is simple – you’re asking the wrong question. What you should really be asking is “how much should MY website cost?”. […]

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