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Do it! Marketing

Our clients are struggling with marketing. It has become incredibly complex. The marketing mix, the communication mix, the channels available, measurement, the pressure on budgets, proofing the ROI, understanding social media and understanding technology are all hot topics. Marketing gets bad press And marketing sometimes gets a bad press. Not […]

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Choosing a Location for Your Business

If you can pick the right location you are more than half way there – to having a successful business.  Because no matter how good your product is, you can’t sell it if you don’t get your customer in the door.  And you don’t just go eene. meeny, miny, mo […]

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Tuam Mart

Ciarain Doherty Agri Business Development Manager in the Midlands & West attended Tuam mart on Tuesday evening. Ciarain had met with Tuam Mart Manager Marion Devane a couple of weeks earlier to discuss the UB Agri proposition that is being re launched at the end of October. Weekly UB attendance […]

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Full Steam Ahead for Annual Conference

With the Annual Conference knocking on the door, Carlow Macra are full steam ahead. With the support of Dawn Meats and Ulster Bank, main sponsors, the weekend has a packed agenda with delegates arriving Friday evening, the 25th October, greeted in the Mount Wolseley hotel with a major Carlow welcome! […]

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Online Marketing in Galway (OMiG)

Since starting a small group in 2011 with a few individuals meeting up to discuss Online Marketing best practices such as new social media or email campaigns, digital marketing techniques etc; Online Marketing in Galway (OMiG) has grown at a steady pace over the last two years, from one volunteer […]

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SEO and Social Media Marketing

Social media and SEO go hand in hand when it comes to building online brand recognition. The two “disciplines” interact more than ever and the line between Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation is less and less visible. In order to give your business the best chance of getting […]

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Responsible Marketing is Green Marketing

Being a sustainable business in your everyday dealings is a gratifying venture. But some entrepreneurs haven’t yet transplanted their philosophies into their marketing. The same ideals that that leads us to use recycled paper and halogen light bulbs can direct us towards smarter, more effective marketing that will improve our […]

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Human Resource Strategy: Old vs New

Through the years, human resource strategy has continued to upgrade: from manual HR management strategy to the use of high-technology devices and HR software. With the undeniable importance of what is considered as any organization’s most valuable resources, experts and practitioners have continued to develop effective HR strategies and tools […]

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Five Companies Experiencing Rapid Growth

Growth is something not every business is fortunate enough to experience, especially with the economy yet to mount a recovery following the long and drawn-out downturn. Luckily, there are a small yet noticeable number of enterprises who appear to be bucking the trend of downsizing and playing it safe, but […]

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Pros and Cons of Working For a Small Business

Depending on your personality type, working for a small business can be rewarding and pleasant, although other people may prefer working for a larger company. Many things can factor into the final decision including: the number of colleagues you prefer to work around the amount of resources you expect the company […]

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Nervous Doves

Mr Carney and his colleagues on the Bank of England monetary policy committee will have been delighted with the pick up in UK economic activity over the summer months. They may however be forgiven for also welcoming the recent tempering of UK economic releases that have not quite met market […]

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Budget at a Glance

This year sees the first mid-October Budget. The process was brought forward from December to coincide with EU norms and to allow the Finance Act to be passed before the new year begins. Certain aspects (e.g. increases in tax on alcohol and cigarettes) need to take effect at midnight so […]

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Securing Your Blog’s Identity – 4 Tips

Securing Your Blog’s Identity is key to maintaining a consistent message and loyal readership. Read on for some tips on how to do so. Technology has transformed the global informational landscape in recent years from consisting of mainly newspapers, books, magazines and websites, to include a significant number of professional […]

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