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Pain in the…

If you’re running your own business there is no such thing a sick day really is there?! So looking after your health is paramount. Musculoskeletal injuries are high up on the reasons for absenteeism both long and short term so if someone told you there was a way to reduce both neck and back tension as well as reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries you’d take it wouldn’t you?!

After 40 odd hours (sometimes very odd:-) sitting at desks, in cars and conference room tables – necks, backs and shoulders complain bitterly through big angry knots, aches, pains and sometimes loss of mobility (frozen shoulder, inability to turn your head etc). It’s not their fault – they’ve been treated poorly and are simply responding as such!

Work life balance

I set up Work Life Balance last year to tackle workplace stress head-on by providing bespoke wellness packages .One of our specialities is corporate on site massage so I spend a lot of time working with people suffering with upper back/neck pain and tension. So here’s the express guide to upper body tension.

  • Streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch – – it feels great and immediately releases endorphins which lift your mood. It can also increase flexibility and therefore reduce risk of injury.
  • Apply heat to the areas of tension to encourage the circulation – take a hot showers or bath, get a heat patch (available from most chemists) or alternatively one of those microwaveable cushions despite the mad and curious shapes are good too! Take care not to burn your skin.
  • Get a good massage – the Work Life Balance on site massage provides relief from muscular tension as well as reducing the risk of repetitive strain injury. The treatment Introduces heat in to muscles and joints increasing mobility and suppleness as well as relieving mental fatigue for more info visit:
  • Drink plenty of water – your body requires water for its most basic functions including the elimination of toxins including lactic acid which builds up in the muscles to form palpable knots and tension
  • Get moving– shed physical tension through movement and activity. Not only does exercise improve your mood but it also helps burn off the energy released during the stress response. Swimming and any exercise involving the upper body is great for relieving tension in that area. If you suffer any illnesses, have an injury or have had a recent operation consult your doctor or healthcare professional before commencing a new exercise regime.

Anyone who suffers with back problems will testify to how debilitating it can be. You only get one back – make sure you take the time to look after it properly! For queries or on site massage bookings please contact Deirdre Casey at or visit for details.

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