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Positive mental attitude holds the key to business success

We have been running live start-up events with Ulster Bank for the past month. I cannot tell you how uplifting it is not to be talking about Nama, bailouts, the IMF or the Central Bank.

Instead, these events give us the opportunity to deal with businesspeople who are remaining positive. They can see opportunities and continue to grow and expand their businesses.

Put simply, they are getting on with it and their stories are fantastic.

Sharing experiences

Speaking at our live events, we have had more than 40 entrepreneurs and owner-managers representing a broad range of sectors and industries. They have talked about their experiences and shared the lessons they have learned. Speakers have included representatives from a start-up company that has developed a product that allows you to carry loads on a quad bike. We have also had a speaker from an e-learning firm with a niche in the British public sector and an annual growth rate of 200 per cent.

All of our speakers are still here. All are doing well.And all agree that now is the time to pounce and start a business, or to expand an existing venture. The common denominator is positive mental attitude (PMA)and a keen focus on what you can control. Tony Haren, a regular contributor to Smallbusinesscan, could not have expressed it better when he said in a recent post:

‘‘After taking part in four SME events in the last week, I am now more certain than I was before that the ‘macro’ issues we keep hearing about are really important, but not for SME owners to worry about on a day-by-day basis. The reason? They actually cannot individually influence those big issues. What is much more important is learning how to deal with the ‘micro’ issues, such as sales, profit, cash, taxes, planning and keeping the balance right between work and the personal side of all of our lives.’’

If you are looking for an ‘anti-doom and gloom zone’ for people with PMA, I suggest you check out the Smallbusinesscan Community. It offers a helpful, positive and constructive opportunity to interact with like minded business people.

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