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Preparing for Mobile eCommerce: How to Take Advantage of the Coming Boom

Ecommerce has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years. Desktop sites have been at the forefront of this wave, which has seen over 10% of all retail spending take place on the net. However, with the growth in popularity of shopping with both smartphones and tablets, an increasing number of businesses are seeking to develop mobile shops.

Mobile ecommerce is already in place for some of the world’s larger businesses, but what can smaller enterprises with more modest means do to join the revolution? Just over two out of five people said they would shop online using their smartphone according to a recent survey, but that’s still a significant enough number for mobile ecommerce not to be ignored completely.

Swipe for success

Creating a separate mobile site for your business might seem like hard work, especially as many fully-fledged desktop sites look pretty good on tablets. However, a mobile site would be ideal for smaller tabs as well as smartphones, plus it would be easier to use, as there’s none of that potentially tricky zooming in involved.

As the pages for mobile sites are smaller, there’s a little less work involved. Although you shouldn’t make your mobile site a pared-down version of the desktop equivalent, it should be a little simpler for reading. Security is something that needs to be considered too. As with a desktop ecommerce site, you should do your utmost to get the right certificates.

Preparing for the future

With mobile technology likely to progress even further, it’s essential that your business tries to keep pace. This means making changes to your site as and when they are needed and following the latest trends in design and widgets used. It will also involve looking at how the competition has taken to mobile ecommerce and seeing where you can outflank them.

Trying to connect your mobile site to social media is important too. Facebook in particular is playing an increasing role in helping to make it easier to shop online. Look at how this can be achieved during the development stage and you should be well-placed to take full advantage once people are ready to use it.

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