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Properly Incorporating Social Signals and SEO with Social Media Blogging in 2014

Content requirements and posting regulations have changed quite a bit. Some of the old stand-by content formatting techniques are becoming less effective with social media gaining popularity. Many bloggers are connecting their feeds to social media websites to increase their online visual presence. A large portion of businesses, both large and small, are also sharing content via social media outlets such as Google+, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr. Fewer are reaching out to Twitter followers in 2014.

Social Signals

To put the term social signals into the simplest terms possible, it is essentially a measure of popularity within social media networks. Taking Facebook and Twitter as examples, the more followers or likes that a blogger or business has, the more impressions the content makes. When content is posted, it is visible to all of these followers the most impressive, relevant and eye-catching content receives re-Tweets and Facebook shares to reach out to an even larger audience. This cycle then continues and aids in a blogger’s or business’s overall popularity.

In some cases, controversial topics gain more attention. This helps the overall impression and popularity of a company, service, product or business. It is important to use social signals in the proper way to return positive results from content posted online. While negative comments or posts regarding content creates a buzz, it can lead to some unwanted attention and the loss of a few followers.

There are three main social media networks that bloggers and content providers should concentrate on; Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook. Following these are Instagram and Pinterest,Twitter and Tumblr.

Google is making strides in the social media world with the addition of Google Hangouts, Google Broadcasting and Google+. Users are able to create specific circles to organize the content, updates and other information viewed via Google+. It is also easier for users to pinpoint a business’s location with Google mapping options which can also include the contact phone number and hours of operation. With this being Google’s very own network it is an instant advantage to bloggers and businesses that use it.

Using SEO Properly for Social Media Blogging

Many bloggers get confused by SEO and proper hyperlinking procedures when delivering content. SEO is more than just using the right keywords in content and article direction links. When you plan to share content on social media networks as a blogger, the content you provide is much more important than the keywords you use to be quite honest. While having a specific keyword is important for search engine result ranking purposes, the content provided and links included absolutely have to match the content or everything becomes irrelevant. If you are unsure as to how to properly incorporate SEO into social media blogging, it is ideal to use a professional service to incorporate social signals and SEO into posts.

Content requirements are always changing. As a blogger on social media networks it is important to provide relevant content with proper SEO techniques in place in order to become a success. Online popularity is important to the success of a blogging career. Keep in mind the best social media outlets to use for posting purposes, with Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook being the preferred outlets to share content on. Carefully examine all content before it is published online to ensure that there are no linking or content violations and that the proper SEO techniques are used, such as linking to relevant content from reputable writers or websites and the proper selection of keywords.

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