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Put your shoulder to the wheel #brexitsupport

Tired of Brexit?

Just because it is summer, does not mean that it going to go away. Brexit will figure the headlines for a long time to come. We need to be ready. For the opportunities and the threats.

Unknown unknowns

The issue is that there are many different unknowns with regard to the Brexit and one of them is to figure out how to respond to the need for SMEs to deal with the consequence and make sure the right questions are asked and the right support is delivered.

Have your say and put your shoulder to the wheel

Which is why we designed this

Filling in the survey, would in a small way, put your shoulder to the economy. It will help giving a voice to the core of the economy, which are small businesses. And it will hopefully keep the politicians straight and inform the support agencies.

We want impact

To make an impact, we need a high response rate. If you could fill it in and forward the link to fellow small business, we would be much obliged. If you are social media say, there is even a hashtag #brexitsupport.

Spread the word!