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Recession proof your business

Yesterday was an interesting day for me. For months now I have been trying to take fresh look at my marketing strategy. I know the basics i.e. identify your market and be crystal clear about your core marketing message. Only trouble was that although I had many fresh ideas but none of them really resonated with me, they did not make my spirit soar.

Spiritual Entrepreneurship

I have considered myself to have a strong bias towards Spiritual Entrepreneurship, at one level I fully understand the abundance and prosperity models, but there was no synchronisation with what was happening in my mind and my heart. I was stuck on the survival rung of Maslow’s evolutionary ladder.

However, the recession has been a blessing; the pain has been strong enough to make the search for freedom more focused, more inner driven. My quest for 15 years has been to help people break free from limiting mind-sets of business and the subsequent constant striving.

There is something for everybody

My recent research on Google led me to a website and the tutorial entitled Recession – Proof Your Business. The author Barbra Casey allows one to download for $1! Essentially she uses Maslow’s model to position your business to meet the needs of clients. Someone at the survival stage is not going to be interested in self-actualisation. So we have to get the fit right. I would recommend her article which I think is perfect and is loaded with useful tips, absolutely spot on for “small business can” readers. There is something for everybody.

Joseph Geraghty, Founder School of Mastery for Emotional Intelligence