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Calling on all business achievers

You can Register Your Interest in entering the Ulster Bank Business Achievers NOW: Before everyone else.

All embracing competition

We’ve been working closely with a team in Ulster Bank on its Business Achievers Awards programme. This follows research we carried out on Small Business Can last year where 97% of you said you saw the value of entering business competitions, but 92% of you felt entering the competitions was too much hassle and cumbersome.

We made a lot of suggestions to the bank — based on talking to you  — about how it could improve its competition, make it even more relevant for SMEs AND make it easier to enter.

To be fair it took a lot of our suggestions on-board……

Work on your business

All Small Business Can members can register their interest 2 weeks before the competition is thrown open, STARTING NOW. This allows us — as in the team at SBC – to provide you with information on the benefits of entering, the application form itself and things to look out for.

This will help us to help you work ON your business rather than IN it after: Research shows that by getting totally immersed in the day to day running of our businesses, we end up not seeing the wood from the trees and losing opportunities. So, let’s use the competition to spend some time working ON our businesses.

Nominate others

You can nominate another business(s) or social enterprise(s) (more than one if you want) that you deem worthy of recognition. Many of you are have SME clients, are active networkers and work in your community, so you will know of businesses or other enterprises that are just getting on with it and maybe doing some great things, but are perhaps, too busy or indeed too shy to enter a competition themselves.  This is where you can nominate clients, incubation centers, local enterprise bodies, sports clubs, charities. In fact any enterprise that’s doing great things in business, to help business or to support the wider community.

Apply by email or online

We will send all companies that register an interest a full word version of the application form. This can be filled in and mailed back or it can be used to help you prepare information that you will need for the online application form when applications open on November 5th.

More categories

The awards categories have been changed to be more reflective of the changing nature of our businesses north and south. With a new Woman Led Business category, an Innovation and Technology category and an Established SME category, joining established categories such as Start Up, Food & Drink, Agriculture, International and Social Enterprise, this is probably one of the most all embracing high profile competitions out there for SMEs. Thanks in no small part to all of you that gave us feedback last year.

More to come

Over the coming days and weeks we’ll tell you more about the awards, why you should enter and how you can contact us to share insights and ask questions. Hopefully you’ll find the experience interesting and informative.

Register You Interest. And let’s get started…


Register Your Interest 2012

Official entries to the Ulster Bank Business Achievers Awards are being accepted now. Click here here for the full entry form.

Or you can also register your interest below and we will send you reminders and updates to enter before the closing date.

Alternatively if you wish to nominate a business or a social enterprise that you believe deserves recognition please click here. Note: all fields marked * are mandatory.

  • * Only businesses which started in 2010, 2011 and 2012 are eligible
    ** Only businesses which started in 2010, 2011 and 2012 are eligible
    *** Businesses which started before 1st January 2005 are eligible


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  1. Fionan October 19, 2012 at 1:59 pm #

    Nominate other business or social enterprises is a fantastic idea. There’s great organisations on the ground getting on with it, without fanfare. These are businesses, charities, sports clubs, incubation centers…This allows me to in a very small way finally being able to let company’s I know that they’re doing a great job…

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