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Relationship Marketing and Your Online Presence

Business is a cobweb of human relationship.” – Henry Ross Perot

Relationship marketing is the act of building close relationships with existing customers and prospects. It’s about having an ongoing dialogue with them over a period of time. It can also include gathering customer information and analyzing their feedback- eradicating what they don’t like and do more of what they do.

You can practice relationship marketing on a small scale and get plenty of benefits without implementing an elaborate system. For Product2Market, this has led to client retention, pre-empting objections and obstacles from customers and of course, ensuring a strong reputation as a Marketing Company.

Build your online presence to build your relationships
The relationship marketing process starts when a visitor arrives on your website (and/or social media page). If you want the relationship to progress beyond “hello”, make sure it’s an outstanding experience.

Invite visitors to share their email address and point them toward useful content and resources. We are always on the look-out for articles and references which will contribute to our client’s marketing activity and we get a lot of thanks for it when they come back to us.

Give valuable information freely and don’t worry about giving too much away. Offering advice which will help your clients improve their Business and in turn, their bottom line is a key element in building client relationships.

Use the best tools to build the greatest relationships. Are your customers and potential customers on social media? If so, then apply the same rules to your Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter page as you do to your website.

Here’s some pointers to help ensure your online presence contributes to strong marketing relationships:

Open contact
Make it easy for customers to contact you and encourage them to do so; what you want is a two-way dialogue between you and your customer. When in doubt, ask them what they want. They’ll tell you. If you find out what your customer wants and become a friend, you will beat most of the competition hands down.

Respond promptly and politely
When a customer or potential customer contacts you, respond promptly. There is nothing more disappointing than not receiving a response when enquiring about a product/service.

If you want people to visit frequently, give them a reason — new content, a fresh look every now and then, information updates. Your Online presence can always be improved on and added to, so keep an eye on what resources are available and of course, always be mindful of what your customers want!

Post by June Carmody,