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Not the Result we Wanted

Last week we asked women led business owners/managers to fill in a quick survey for us. Hardly any of you did. Normally we get results in the hundreds. Last weeks survey results were barely 50. 50!

Can we ask you again? Please. The survey will take less than 5 minutes and will help usĀ  decide what additional services we can provide.

If you have a Twitter following that includes lots of women led/managed businesses, can you also Tweet the message for us. Or email it, Facebook it or throw it up on LinkedIn.

In the meantime we’ll make sure that we don’t send out surveys the week after a long weekend in NI and the week before a long weekend in the Republic. We’ll also ask ourselves was last weeks message condescending. And we’ll work harder to prove that when we do surveys we actually try and deliver on the results.

When Smallbusinesscan says: ‘We hear you: It’s not codswallop!’

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