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Returning to the Job Force: 7 Strategies for Smart Moms

Many moms find themselves in the same position when they make the decision to leave their employment and raise a family. Having raised their family in the early years until they are ready for school, many moms then want to return to the workforce for either financial reasons or so they can take up a new challenge.

Whatever your reasons for returning, there will be a gap in your employment, which means you need to set about getting yourself ready for the current working environment and up to date with the latest technology, such as being familiar with Citrix XenDesktop 5.

It can certainly be challenging when you are trying to get back into the workforce, but there are definitely ways in which you smart moms can improve their odds of success.

Smart Moms Get networking

You might not get instant success and land a job straight away, but networking is an important part of getting back into the workforce.

Get yourself set up with an online profile using resources like Linkedin and attend as many local networking events as you can as well as making contact with old work colleagues or bosses who might be able to tell you about or offer a potential opening.

Consider starting your own business

You might have some ideas for your own business or simply want the freedom to freelance and work hours that suit you around your family commitments.

Setting up your own business or offering your services on a freelance business is not the easy path to success and financial rewards for sure, but it could help get you up to speed if you can’t find a full-time job straight away but want to get yourself noticed again and see if it opens the doors to a new career offer.

Improve your skills

Even if you only took a couple of years out of work, technology and working practices are constantly, so you need to stay up to date and improve your current skills.

Sign up for classes and online courses that can give you the certificates and knowledge that will make you an attractive employment prospect when the recruitment manager gets to look at your resume.

Embrace social media

One of the biggest changes for all of us has been the growth of social media and the way that is used to communicate with each other these days.

As well as taking up the earlier advice to get a Linkedin profile, you should also get an online profile on Facebook and Twitter. Many employers expect you to have a presence on all these social media outlets and it helps to demonstrate that you are staying current and understand how relevant it is.

Cast the net wide

Although many of us might prefer to look for a position with a large company that offers added benefits like retirement plans and health insurance, you should consider casting the net wider in search of a job opportunity.

There are a number of advantages to looking for a job with a small company. If you held a good position before you left to start a family or have plenty of experience on your resume in a particular industry, you might well find that a small company will be thrilled to hire someone like you, so it could work out well for both of you.

Consider volunteering

There are several positive points associated with volunteering. The first is that you are doing something meaningful and rewarding and secondly, it could easily lead to being offered a full-time position.

Volunteering looks great on your employment record as it demonstrates a commitment to work and gives you a chance to show off your skills, which could lead to a job offer when your talent is recognized by someone who is hiring.

Improve your odds

If you are returning to work later in life and after the family has grown up, you can improve your odds of landing a job by finding out which employers tend to recruit more mature workers more than others.

The Society for Human Resource Management and AARP combined to compile a list of the top 50 employers who are known to acknowledge the valuable experience that older workers bring to the table and actively seek to recruit people over 50 years of age in order to gain for their experience and attributes.

Returning to the workforce after a break to raise a family, is never going to be easy, but if you adopt the right strategies and approach, you will improve your odds of returning to work sooner rather than later.