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Sales Professionalism

Last year I attended a business expo in the Midlands. One of the speakers was John Conconnan,

His story condensed:  Started with an idea, and with a little bit of guile, got his first order for a bucket to feed calves, and hasn’t looked back in the plastic manufacturing industry.

Everybody is in sales
Everybody is in sales, from the managing director down t0 the floor cleaner, you must all wear the customers hat, see your business, its products, your service from their point of view. Passion is needed to sell, knowledge of the product is a requirement. John gave a demonstration on how sales knowledge and professionalism is important to all in the organisation. He demonstrated this in a simple way:

He went into a hardware store and asked the salesperson for a hammer, was presented with several types, picking two of the wooden handle variety, asked why one was €3 and another was €6. The sales man replied €3, and left it at that, no further explanation of product differentiation.

Another hardware store, the same process occurred. With the same reply €3.

Making the sale
Finally into a 3rd hardware store, again with the same process, asking sales person what was difference between the €3 and €6 hammer.

The reply was, the €6 hammer was made with the finest hickory handle, that wouldn’t splinter, the head made with forged steel, would drive nails home true and straight.

This sales person was trained, and the sale was made.

This for me demonstrated in simple terms that your customer focused staff should be trained to same quality as the sales team. We are all sales people for our organisations, even the tea person in the canteen is customer facing. You bring in a guest, and the cutlery are thrown out onto the tray, what impression does this give?

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