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Savvy Entrepreneurs Go Where the Innovators Hang Out

In the early stages of a new venture and a new product the imperative is to secure sales and get revenues flowing. Savvy entrepreneurs know that the best chance for sales of a new product, from a new business, lies with the innovator and early adopter market segments – reckoned to be about 10% of any given market place.

These are the buyers who are ‘risk-acceptors’ and have an interest in all things new. They seek advantage from it. Think of the young people as the early adopters of i-pods, think of the people who first buy a plasma screen. Think of the airline industry and think Virgin Airlines. Think of the car industry and think Audi.

You’ll find these types of buyers on the attendance lists of industry and issue conferences and exhibitions. They’ll also be the exhibitors and they’ll be the speakers. You’ll also find them in trade/industry/issue magazines writing articles, white papers and future state visions. You’ll also find them referred to in industry research reports done the likes of Forrester, IDC and

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