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Selecting a company to manage your Google AdWords

In a previous post, I rattled on about the power of AdWords as a great tool in your Internet Marketing toolbox. I did though, issue such with this the caveat that in the wrong hands, AdWords can cost you dear. You can end up throwing good money after bad, only resulting in attracting the wrong type of visitor to your Website (ie a visitor that is not going to convert) and at the same time, making the mighty Google, even richer.

Fear not! For there are companies and individuals and (if you have the time) lots of free online resources to help you with Google AdWords advertising. If you are a typical small business and time is at a premium, then you might want to consider how best you choose a company to work with who will competently and proactively set up and manage your Google AdWords campaigns. Here are some tips to choosing the right company for Google AdWords.

(1) Are they a Certified Google AdWords Partner?
An indication of a companies experience with Google AdWords can be garnered from whether they hold this accreditation from Google. For to achieve this, you must pass a number of examinations on the Google AdWords product and maintain a sizeable spend over a period of time (the equivalent of USD$10,000 in 90 days). Having this accreditation, therefore is an indication of a level of expertise and the client spend they manage

(2) How long have they been doing Google AdWords
Google AdWords has been around since 2000 and it is safe to say the longer companies have been working with the product the more experience and the likely more benefits their clients will get by working with them

(3) Who are there existing AdWords clients?
Are they all in the same vertical or do they provide AdWords services to a range of clients in different industries? Do they only offer AdWords to Irish companies targeting the Irish market space or do they cater to International clients reaching a Global audience?
You need to consider what it is you want and be comfortable with the provider. That they have good experience in the areas that are important to you and can ultimately give you the service you need.

(4) How do they charge for their AdWords services

  • Set up fees?
  • Monthly management fees?
  • Commissions based on number of click-throughs to your Website or on the number of conversions
  • A charge based on a % of Ad Spend

You need to be comfortable with the fee structure. Nasty surprises are, well, nasty and are to be avoided. For example, a commission based fee on the number of clicks to your website might sound attractive on the face of it. But what if these clicks don’t equal leads or more business?

In summary you need to find a company you are comfortable with to manage your AdWords. That they have they have the level experience you require and the fee structure is both transparent and fair are essential in choosing a Google AdWords provider.

And now a tiny pitch… Online Visibility Solutions have just been accredited as Google AdWords Certified Partners. I have been doing AdWords both in Ireland and the UK for nearly 10 years and my fee structure is flexible to meet your requirements. If you want more customers, then you might need Google AdWords. You can find my details at my website