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Selling overseas is clearest path to business success

Every cloud has a silver lining. This may sound glib, but the good thing about today’s economy is that export is firmly on the agenda for many businesses. In fact, it may be our only way out.

Over the last few months, we have hosted the start-up live events with Ulster Bank, we have judged entrants in InterTradeIreland’s Seedcorn competition, reviewed applications for Ulster Bank’s Business Achievers Awards and we have spoken at conferences. Through all of these endeavours, we have seen the growing importance of export to the Irish economy.

Success stories

The stories we have come across are fantastic. Export successes have, for example, included Barracuda FX, Epona, Sonru, Goshido, Armour Interactive and Akay.

At a recent Irish Indian Business Associations lunch, I discovered that the organisation had doubled its membership in the last two years. As a market, India offers major opportunities to savvy Irish exporters. Indian mobile subscriptions are, for example, growing at a rate of 16 million a month.

The beginning of the new year is a time of hope. We need this as Ireland’s SMEs continue to struggle with stagnant demand in the domestic market.

Our New Year’s resolution is to offer more exporting advice to users. Every business on this island needs to think global from start. That could mean thinking about selling to our closest neighbour, Britain, or going further afield.

If you need help, ask in the community, contact Enterprise Ireland or talk to the relevant embassy.

Write a story for SBC

If you are a company that is already exporting, we would love to hear from you. We are interested in companies that have cracked Britain; firms that have targeted the US and ventures that are successfully selling into markets in the developing world.

There may also be some among you who are going after the new powerhouses of China, India or Brazil. Let us know if you want to share your stories. Post any export insights on our forums or, if you have an article, send it to our wordsmith in residence: